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Meaning of the song ‘All Girls Are The Same’ by ‘Juice WRLD’

Released: 2018

Aight, let’s dive into Juice WRLD’s joint “All Girls Are The Same,” a track drippin’ with that emotional rawness and honesty that the late artist was known for. This song serves up a deep-dish of heartache and disillusionment, where Juice wrestles with the pain of repetitive heartbreak and the numbing cycle of toxic relationships, all wrapped up in a melancholy melody that hits you in the feels.

The song kicks off with Juice dropping bars about how love’s got him twisted, talking ’bout “They’re rotting my brain, love / These hoes are the same.” Here, he’s painting a picture of how he’s mentally exhausted, feeling like every relationship is just a carbon copy of the last one and it’s eating away at his peace of mind. When he says “another hoe got me finished,” he’s lamenting over yet another love interest breaking his heart. And his solution? He drowns the pain in liquor, a temporary fix that’s as harsh as the truth he’s tryna swallow.

He throws out a reference to the late, great John Lennon, aligning his own jealous and agonized emotions with Lennon’s transparency in his music. Juice is keeping it one hunnid about wanting something real, something authentic in love, but feeling lost in the game, like he’s constantly running but never winning. The expression “Ran into the devil today, and she grinnin'” is his metaphor for facing temptation or another harmful relationship with a smile that masks the danger. It’s about being on the verge of falling into the same trap again.

Peep the hook, where Juice soulfully croons about the mental toll these relationships take on him, saying that this repetitive cycle might drive him nuts if he doesn’t switch things up. “Think I need a change / Before I go insane, love,” highlights that moment of self-awareness where he recognizes he gotta break the cycle before it breaks him.

As we slide into the next verse, Juice’s frustration and despair are turned up a notch. “Fuck livin’, I’ma drown in my sorrow / Fuck givin’, I’ma take not borrow” reveals his descent into a darker place, where he’s contemplating giving up and surrendering to his pain. His use of “still sinnin’,” “still losin’ my mind,” and “my sorrow go up to the ceilin'” illustrates an ongoing struggle with inner demons, a sense that he’s overwhelmed and sinking deeper into distress.

When he closes the lyric with “Now I am insane / Demons in my brain, love,” it’s a haunting echo of the hook, only now, it’s definitive. Juice has been pushed to the brink, the battles with love and his internal turmoil merging into a storm that he feels powerless to escape. The repetition of “Peace I can’t obtain / ‘Cause all these girls the same, love” drives home that sense of futility and the continuous search for peace that seems forever out of reach.

In deconstructing “All Girls Are The Same,” we get a raw look into Juice WRLD’s struggle with love, heartache, and the fight to maintain his sanity amidst the chaos. It’s a track that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt stuck in a loop of toxic relationships, searching for something real while trying to fight off the darkness that comes with the hurt. Rest in power, Juice. Your music keeps your stories and struggles immortal.

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