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Meaning of the song ‘Blue Dream’ by ‘Jhené Aiko’

Released: 2014

Get ready for a journey down the hazy path of love and self-discovery as we unpack Jhené Aiko’s “Blue Dream”. Brimming with nautical and dreamlike imagery, Aiko crafts a sonic tapestry that explores the depths of love and the transformative power it holds. “Blue Dream” is a heartfelt declaration of Aiko’s love for her partner and the profound impact they’ve had on her well-being.

At the start, Aiko literally paints a picture, “We were coastin’ on a coast when you opened my eyes / Made me notice where the ocean is holdin’ the sky, right.” Here, “coastin'” refers to the easy, smooth progression of their relationship. The coast, ocean and sky imagery introduces the theme of depth and expansiveness — reflecting the great influence love has over her.


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