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Meaning of the song ‘Broke In A Minute’ by ‘Tory Lanez’

Released: 2020

“Broke In A Minute” by Tory Lanez is rich with bold assertions of material wealth, foreshadowing the rise from humble beginnings to a lifestyle of affluence. The song serves as a rallying cry for those aspiring to achieve financial prosperity and escape the shackles of poverty. It epitomizes the ostentatious bravado often found in hip-hop, highlighting the artist’s meteoric rise to fame and fortune.

The song opens with a burst of bravado as the artist asserts, “I ain’t been broke in a minute, don’t get offended.” Here, Lanez is not merely stating his current financial status, but challenging those who may take issue with his open displays of wealth. Verses like “Tore off the bow in a Bentley, fucking your hoe in her kidney” and “Gun is tucked under this Fendi” are brash and controversial, but remain juxtaposed against his past struggles with lines like, “I was just workin’ at Denny’s.”

As the song progresses, Lanez digs into his early hustle, detailing escapades that involve scrambling for money (“my scammer bussing bottles off the ’08”). These narratives elevate the song from a mere bragging rights piece to a glimpse into the grind and hustle that accompanies a rise from rags to riches. When Lanez details his relationships with women, he alludes to the superficial bonds financial prosperity can create with the line, “I’m just gon’ fuck her, treat her like a throwaway.”

“I ain’t been broke in a minute” becomes a recurrent phrase throughout the song, emphasizing the finality of Lanez’s departure from poverty. When he says, “Bitch, I’m a menace like Dennis. Don’t sell me pussy, I need a percentage,” he positions himself as a rebel not simply content with surface-level gains, but seeking true power and ownership.

With the lyric, “Nordstrom Rack, swipe my giffy,” Lanez showcases a casual, almost careless, attitude toward spending, further emphasizing the drastic change in his financial status. The repetition of the line “I ain’t been broke in a minute,” further emphasizes the remarkable transformation of his life – from struggling for survival to an abundant existence.

All in all, “Broke In a Minute” is more than just a celebration of wealth. It’s a testament to the relentless hustle, resilience, and determination that fueled Tory Lanez’s journey from obscurity to hip-hop stardom.

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