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Meaning of the song ‘Coffin’ by ‘Lil Yachty’

Released: 2020

“Coffin” by Lil Yachty is a braggadocious track in which the rapper flaunts his wealth, power, and sexual conquests. The song’s title is likely a metaphorical reference to Yachty ‘killing’ the game with his success. It blends his typically playful style with harsher, more assertive lyrics.

Starting off with “Buddah bless this beat, it’s us!” Yachty shouts out his producer, Buddah Bless, as he jumps into the track. The ‘us’ here likely refers to his crew, emphasizing his sense of unity and loyalty.

When Yachty’s saying “Gimme the keys to the coupe, I’ma pull out”, he’s not just speaking about driving fast cars, but also about his control and independence. The repeated line “Gimme the keys to the ‘crete, I’ma pull out” showcases his authority and audacity. Here, “‘crete” is slang for a type of hustler’s lifestyle or concrete jungle, demonstrating his street-savviness.

The line “Gotta wear condoms ’cause I do not pull out” incorporates a bit of risqué humor. He’s stating that he’s careful with his sexual encounters, emphasizing his wild and carefree lifestyle. Yet, he’s also metaphorically suggesting that he’s ‘going all in’ with whatever he does, whether it’s music, business or relationships.

The next set of lyrics, “Walk in the spot, 50 deep with the tool out”, reinforces Yachty’s gang and street affiliations. Here, ‘tool’ is common hip-hop slang for a gun.

With the lyrics “Finger fuck hunnids at home all alone, in a suit with a stick like Capone”, he makes a comparison to the infamous Chicago mobster, Al Capone, alluding to his own power and influence. ‘Stick’ here is again a reference to a gun, a street interpretation of Capone’s notorious ‘Chicago Typewriter’.

Yachty’s claim, “Rich-ass still eating Checkers”, reinforces his humble origins and relatability. Even though he’s rich, he still enjoys simple pleasures like fast food. It’s a statement that despite his success, he hasn’t lost touch with where he came from.

The last verse ends with an intense line, “Bitch in the sheets, hit that bitch from the back, put the pussy inside of a coffin”. Here, Yachty is exploring his sexual prowess. Using the term ‘coffin’ symbolizes the end game or ‘destruction’ of his sexual encounters, aligning with the song’s title.

In summary, “Coffin” is Lil Yachty showing off his hard-won success in music, money, and sex, punctuating his story with confident, assertive lyrics and vivid metaphors.

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