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Meaning of the song ‘Enculado’ by ‘Fuerza Regida’

Released: 2024

Aight, let’s get into it. “Enculado” by Fuerza Regida is a Mexican-style hip-hop ballad that perfectly captures that gut-check love story, mixed with the distinctive flair of street life and that all-too-common chip-on-the-shoulder defiance. Our protagonist is clearly smitten, entranced by a woman who matches his rough edges and rock-hard heart, with lyrics that seamlessly blend romance with the rawness of the streets.

Now, in the first verse, our guy confesses “Plebada, ya me perdieron, me traen enculado / Cuando probé sus besitos quedé enamorado”, it’s, no doubt, him admitting that he’s been taken off the market, head over heels for this woman. The term “enculado” is slang-bravado for deeply infatuated or in love. And just when you think we’re in for some soft-hearted stanzas – hold up – the script flips back to the streets: “Será porque llego en carros bien polarizados / En cuanto me bajo, rápido se meten”. Homie’s talking about rolling up in heavily tinted cars, a known symbol of the street life, where privacy equals protection.

The pre-chorus, “Diles a tus padres ‘no hay pendientes’ / Que yo te cuidaré”, and chorus, “Dile a tu madre que paso a las diez / No se preocupe, conmigo está safe, suegra”, are promises that he’ll protect her, appealing to her parents to trust him. The slang “safe” here replaces the Spanish “segura”, assuring that their daughter will be safe with him.

Moving to the second verse, homie’s love ain’t average – she matches his energy perfectly: “Le gusta tomar conmigo cuando ando enfierrao / Si le saco el cuerno, también le gusta jalarlo”. She ain’t afraid to throw back drinks with him when he’s armed (“enfierrao” is slang for carrying a gun), and she’s even down to fire his piece. This ain’t just love, it’s ride-or-die commitment.

So that’s “Enculado” by Fuerza Regida. It’s a romantic serenade from a man wholly consumed by love for a woman who fits his world of street wisdom, and ain’t afraid to be part of it. It’s an unapologetic blend of raw street elements with the intoxicating pull of deep affection proving that love, truly, knows no bounds.

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