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Meaning of the song ‘EXCESOS’ by ‘Fuerza Regida’

Released: 2023

Aight, let’s get into “EXCESOS” by Fuerza Regida and what this joint is spittin’. Off the rip, this song is about living life without limits, indulging in life’s pleasures – be it bottles, money, or women – after a breakup. The artist is stepping beyond heartache and fully embracing the lavish lifestyle that fame has granted him. Now, let’s break down these bars and paint the picture for those not vibing in the know.

The song starts off with, “Ando como quiero, destapo botellas,” where our hombre is saying he does whatever he pleases, popping bottles, living that carefree life. He’s unfazed that his old flame has moved on, “Tú ya andas con otro, ni modo, qué pena,” showing that though he thought she could have been ‘the one’, he’s brushing off the loss. He dips out, leaving his mark, “me voy, te dejo huella,” and despite acknowledging her beauty, he’s quick to note that there are plenty more out there – “pero hay más culos que estrellas.” That line is a cold play on words suggesting there’s an abundance of other women (more “asses than stars” in the sky), playing into that classic hip-hop trope of endless options.

When he mentions, “Me voy pa la capi, los plebes me esperan,” he’s headed to the capital, where his crew awaits. “Saben, sin mucho verbo, se hace lo que quiera” translates to ‘they know that without much talk, one does as they please’ which is a flex on the power and freedom that comes with his status. Addicted to money, “Soy adicto a la feria,” and to staying up ’til dawn possibly doing cocaine, “polvo pa’ que amanezca,” our man’s about pushing past the pain and spending stacks, “gastando paquitas gruesa’.” He’s deep in the excesses of nightlife and cash flow while waiting for his favorite person to come through.

The hook hits, and it’s all about the hustle and the distractions— “Seguiré con mi loquera, los excesos, las morritas,” keeping up with his craziness, the excesses, and the chicks. He’s in no rush, “Mami, yo nunca he tenido prisa,” living like an artist – which is a not-so-subtle nod to enjoying the spoils of his labor, with the spotlight on him, “Prendan luces, cámaras y acción.” He’s surrounded by beauty, “Hay bellezas en cada rincón,” reveling in the here and now, the party, and all the eye candy that surrounds him.

In the second verse, Fuerza Regida throws down about women, “Por el quemacocos les vuela el pelo a las güeras,” which paints a picture of blonde women driving with the sunroof down. They’re feisty, “Son muy sexy, beliconas,” and get hyped up by the Narco corridos he’s known for, “con corridos se alebrestan.” These women want a good time and he’s the “papi” heating things up. However, he admits his language is all about seduction, “Mi lenguaje es pura seducción,” and ain’t about love, “aunque pa’l amor no sirvo yo.” That’s real talk for keeping it playa without catching feelings, you feel me?

They close out with a reminder of the abundance of beauty and opportunities, “Y hay más culos que estrellas, mija,” suggesting the ladies should remember there’s always more out there. It’s a flex, a statement, and a reminder, all wrapped into one. Fuerza Regida is all about that good life and the track is an ode to excess – living large and without regrets. That’s the breakdown, fam. Now, you know what “EXCESOS” is laying down.

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