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Meaning of the song ‘Enter Galactic’ by ‘Kid Cudi’

Released: 2009″Enter Galactic” by Kid Cudi is a trippy track, as real as it gets, letting you hitch a ride through an outer space love affair. The lyrics convey the idea of exploring the depths of a romantic relationship, and how vast and infinite that experience can feel, akin to traversing the cosmos.

Begin with the chorus, “Enter galactic you and me,” which serves as the recurring mantra of the song. It’s an invitation to step into the unknown, to go on a journey that’s both intimate and expansive, filled with love and personal transformation. The line “Get ready, pop it, let’s go” suggests a casual, playful approach to this journey. It’s both a metaphor for the mind-altering experiences of love and perhaps a reference to the psychedelic exploration prominent in the hip-hop subculture.

The verses of the song share a narrative of transformation: “I once used to dream of peace until I found you / Once upon a time, baby”. Cudi is laying bare the story of his pre-love days when he yearned for peace and tranquility. Once he found his girl, his ‘peace’ turned into a heady mix of love and fascination, opening up hitherto unknown spaces in his worldview.

When Cudi says, “If you can’t do what you imagine / Then what is imagination to you?”, he is questioning the purpose of dreams and aspirations if they aren’t acted upon. In his view, unused creativity is a waste and can easily be filled with negativity.

Cudi’s use of “angelesque” to describe his lover’s voice, followed by vivid, sensual imagery, intensifies the celestial vibe. By stating, “This will mark the day our minds and souls will connect”, he’s signaling not just a physical but also a spiritual union brought about by their love.

The bridge signals a shift: “Have just one more cap, babe, babe, babe / Have just one more stem, babe” – suggesting a willingness to experience the altered state of consciousness further, a shared journey deep into the hallucinatory realm.

The ending monologue, “Soon after falling into a deeper psychedelic state to escape the prison of our reality,” further indicates the transcendent state that Cudi experienced – his escape route from reality’s confines into a personalized realm of peace and fantasy.

So, Kid Cudi’s “Enter Galactic” is a lyrical voyage into the cosmic nature of love, the shared exploration of the vast spaces within their minds, hearts, and souls, suggesting that love’s true power lies in its ability to transcend the mundane and reach for the stars.

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