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Meaning of the song ‘Soundtrack 2 My Life’ by ‘Kid Cudi’

Released: 2009

“Soundtrack 2 My Life” is a raw, emotional exploration by Kid Cudi of his life’s trials and tribulations, coupled with the struggles of dealing with his own emotional health. It serves as a symbolic illustration, like a movie soundtrack that underscores pivotal sequences in his life. The record is packed with vulnerability, hinting at the rapper’s inner demons, mental health struggles, and personal experiences growing up.

Let’s dive into the first verse. Here, Kid Cudi plays on Jay-Z’s track “99 Problems,” flipping the typical grappling game of hip-hop boasting with a stark confession: he’s got 99 problems and they’re all women – likely referring to relationship issues. The reference to “Charles was never in charge” is to an ’80s sitcom, highlighting the troubled reality of his life contrary to the scripted ease of TV shows. He also reflects on his family dynamics, highlighting how his struggles were often unnoticed.

The chorus is a profound declaration of Cudi’s often unacknowledged struggles. He confesses to having issues that remain hidden to the naked eye and vents his emotions through song – ‘bringing them to light’. By doing this, he shows that music is his therapeutic outlet, cementing the song’s title – ‘Soundtrack 2 My Life.’

Jumping to the second verse, Cudi gets more personal. He talks about experiencing writer’s block after his father’s death. A moment that’s laced with vulnerability is when he admits to using hallucinogens—‘shrooms specifically—to better understand the universe. This speaks to the lengths he was willing to go through to find answers and peace in his life.

In the final verse, Cudi contemplates drug use and suicide, illustrating the depth of his depression. He insightfully comments on ignorance, suggesting that sometimes not knowing the harsh realities of life or feigning ignorance can seem like bliss in the face of pain. The latter part of the verse reveals his aspirations for a stable life, underscored with the somber revelation, “I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie.”

Altogether, “Soundtrack 2 My Life” gives a candid glimpse into Cudi’s psyche and personal struggles. It peels back the curtain of fame and fortune and depicts a human grappling with real issues. This anthem of vulnerability has undoubtedly become a source of comfort for fans experiencing similar struggles.

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