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Meaning of the song ‘First Class’ by ‘Jack Harlow’

Released: 2022

“First Class” by Jack Harlow is a classy and confident track that captures the essence of his newfound fame and his demonstrated skills as a rapper. The song explores Harlow’s personal journey through the hip-hop star ladder and pensively reflects on the dual nature of fame – its perks and its sacrifices.

The song starts with the chorus, where Harlow claims his “G” status, or gangster, a common hip-hop term referring to one’s toughness or street credibility. The “L” he throws up is likely a reference to his hometown, Louisville, Kentucky. “Sex in the AM” can be seen as a symbol of his luxurious lifestyle, while the repeated line “I could put you in first class, up in the sky” is Harlow straightforwardly stating that he can elevate those around him due to his success.

In the first verse, Harlow recounts how his life has changed dramatically since 2019 when he could walk around freely without gaining much attention, but now “they got it out for me” implying the scrutiny that comes with fame. The mention of “frats” and “alphas” suggests a dismissal of machismo posturing, asserting that no amount of fraternity boasting can challenge him. Harlow’s line “I got plaques in the mail, peak season” is a boast about his musical achievements, with “plaques” referring to the recognition he receives for his record sales.

Come Home The Kids Miss You

In the second verse, Harlow grapples with the realities of fame, acknowledging the price he pays for the luxuries he enjoys. Notably, he talks about the lack of time he gets with his family, and dreams of buying his mom a house, an often-shared goal of rising hip-hop stars, symbolizing the financial success he’s gained, that enables him to support his family financially. The mention of “Angus Cloud nine” is a nod to the actor from the series “Euphoria,” suggesting that Harlow is enjoying the height of his success.

Throughout “First Class,” Harlow acknowledges the glamor and allure of his lifestyle, but never strays too far from discussing the grit, work, and sacrifices it took to get there. The track is a compelling exploration of the realities of fame, delivered with Harlow’s unique bravado and razor-sharp lyricism.

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