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Meaning of the song ‘Funny How’ by ‘Kevin Gates’

Released: 2019

Aight, let’s deep dive into “Funny How” by Kevin Gates. With an introspective approach and crafted lyricism, Gates highlights the fickle nature of relationships, exploring themes of betrayal, success, and understanding personal worth. The song revolves around the shift of dynamics in his affiliations, both personal and professional, after he becomes successful. Ready up because we finna break it down.

From the jump, Gates paints a picture of his era before the fame, where he was viewed as ‘disgustin” and attractin’ no love. Gates wasn’t ‘gettin’ enough money’ and he identifies this as the reasons for his less than stellar status among his peers and within his relationships. His statement “I had to buckle down. You my motivation, you the reason why I hustle now” shows his drive to succeed was built on proving himself to doubters and those who treated him differently because of his financial status.

When Gates says, “Bitch, I coulda been like Chance the Rapper… Penitentiary chances, I took a chance at rappin’”, he reflects on the very real struggles he faced coming up, and the sacrifices he made to pursue his music career. By referencing Chance the Rapper, a prominent figure in the hip-hop scene who’s known for his independent approach and positive image, Gates contrasts his own journey, which was fraught with challenges, and stakes he took to escape his gritty circumstances.

The verse “Behind my back they clownin’ me…” alludes to the betrayal Gates felt from his peers when they scorned him, despite his loyalty. When he says, “I was really diggin’ this lil’ bitch, and she skipped out on me… With this NFL nigga, she went out of town on me”, he addresses a personal relationship and a woman who left him for a professional athlete. This gives an edge of bitterness but also stressing how money and status play a significant role in the game of love and loyalty.

In the subsequent verses, the narrative flips. Gates starts detailing the current state of affairs as his ‘name ringin’, his life now filled with ‘money, power’. These lines are a classic comment on those who once dismissed him now wanting to associate with him due to his newfound success and prominence. It’s a critique of the superficiality of the music industry and those within his circle who only acknowledge his worth when they can gain from it.

Then Gates drops, “God sent me an angel when he sent me Dreka. Held it down while in a drought, we made ’em all believers”. He’s givin’ props to his real-life wife, Dreka, who stood by him through the hard times, implying a contrast between a genuine bond and the transient relationships he experienced in the past.

Finally, the line “I ain’t forget where I came from, we was in them trenches” serves as a potent reminder of his roots, his humble beginnings, and how his past experiences have shaped the man he is. It ties back to his earlier sentiments about remaining true to himself and using the worlds he encountered on his rise as a source of strength and inspiration.

“Funny How” is a gritty, powerful self-exploration that tracks Kevin Gates’ ascendance in the rap game, framing it through past betrayals and newfound success. By revealing the fault lines of relationships altered by money and status, Gates delivers a sobering contemplation on the transient nature of affiliation and the value of loyalty.

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