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Meaning of the song ‘One Thing’ by ‘Kevin Gates’

Released: 2016

“One Thing” by Kevin Gates is an attestation of the rapper’s fixation on intimacy, combined with his dark past and rough personality stemming from his street life. It’s a raw blend of desire and dedication, reflecting Gates’ grimy reality alongside his aphrodisiac fantasies.

The song kicks off with Gates inviting his girl to inhale some marijuana – a classic hip-hop trope often used as a symbol for relaxation or creating a certain mood. He pairs this with a heartening image of him rubbing her feet and attentively listening to her. His ‘grimy’ origins and shiny diamonds indicate the stark contrast between his tough background and current success.

The recurring verse ‘One thing I really love is makin’ love to the…’ is an upfront expression of Gates’ love for intimacy. He isn’t afraid to be explicit about his desires, making it clear that, notwithstanding his rough exterior, he’s also a lover.

The rapper moves skillfully from explicit exhibition of affection back to his ‘hustle,’ hinting at his relentless work ethic. He also touts his own toughness, claiming he’s ‘sicker’ than others and flaunting his financial prowess. Let it be noted, this is not an endorsement of criminal behaviors, but a vivid portrayal of the harsh realities of street life.

In the next verses, Gates gets deeper into the sensual play, accentuating his intimate escapades. Furthermore, he mentions ‘thuggin’, another prevalent term in hip-hop, illustrating a lifestyle marked by toughness and resilience often necessitated by the harsh urban realities.

The chorus repeats, re-emphasizing Gates’ love for physical intimacy and his readiness to ‘go to war with God’ for his girl. This hyperbolic expression underscores his protective nature and undying loyalty.

Overall, “One Thing” reflects Kevin Gates’ straightforward style – blending fiery passion, street-born ruggedness, and tenderness. It’s a gritty, unfiltered snapshot of life where the sweetness of love meets the grit of the streets.

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