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Meaning of the song ‘Heartless’ by ‘The Weeknd’

Released: 2020″Heartless” by The Weeknd is a raw exposition of the artist’s internal struggle with ego, material success, and emotional numbness. The track paints a heavy visual of his fast-paced lifestyle amidst fame and fortune, while battling a relentless sense of emptiness and detachment.

The opening verse, “Never need a bitch, I’m what a bitch need,” The Weeknd brashly asserts his desirability whilst paradoxically disclosing his vulnerability – “Tryna find the one that can fix me.” He gives us a snapshot of his reckless lifestyle “dodgin’ death in the six speed” (speeding in expensive cars) accompanied with substance use “amphetamine got my stummy feelin’ sickly”. He’s metaphorically on high-speed towards self-destruction.

Breaking down the chorus shows The Weeknd wrestles with his newfound ‘heartless’ demeanour. He’s back to his ways – code for returning to a zone devoid of emotional attachment. He further relates his pervasive pain with unabashed wealth, “all this money and this pain got me heartless,” suggesting his affluence isn’t granting him inner peace.

Our Weeknd man is playing the game, maintaining this dispiriting façade despite admitting, “Tryna be a better man, but I’m heartless” – an open confession, suggestive of the futile attempts at self-improvement that he can’t seem to accomplish. There won’t be any “weddin’ plan for the heartless,” unveiling his belief of unworthiness for love and commitment.

The line “Metro Boomin turn this ho into a moshpit” nods to the renowned rapper and producer, marking their collaboration as causing a stir in the music industry. The intent behind these punchy lyrics, coupled with the energetic beat, ensures The Weeknd keeps your head boppin’ despite the heartache he’s expressing.

As we descend into the bridge, The Weeknd’s lyrics suggest a glimmer of self-awareness and regret – “I lost my heart and my mind/I thought I lost you this time.” Yet, this moment of contrition is fleeting – he falls back into his ‘heartless’ demeanor with the subsequent chorus, a cyclic struggle played out in neon lights and under the influence.

Overall, “Heartless” serves as an introspective narrative, a grim portrayal of The Weeknd’s navigation through his fame-fuelled lifestyle, while yearning for a sense of emotional grounding he’s either lost or never had. It’s a poetic dichotomy laid bare beneath the mesmerizing beats and melodies, a stark but familiar tale in the hip-hop narrative.

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