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Meaning of ‘IDGAF’ by ‘Drake’ feat. Yeat

Released: 2023 • Features: Yeat

Drake’s “IDGAF”, which features Yeat, is a bold exploration of self-confidence, success, and defiance against societal norms and expectations. It’s a narrative painting a picture of a man who refuses to be bogged down by any restrictions or perceptions, advocating for the unapologetic pursuit of personal ambitions and self-desired lifestyles.

The song starts with Drake reinforcing his individuality and determination, depicting his journey as a venture into the unknown. “Traveling forever in the dark, Darkness into blackness, There and back, it’s always black,” Here, “dark” and “blackness” could symbolize the adversity Drake had to face, as well as the uncertainty and risk that come with the pursuit of his dreams.

His ability to confront these challenges head-on is what allows him to push past the edge of his comfort zone, reiterating the concept of ‘staying real to oneself’ despite societal pressures.

The following lines, “Fuck the bitch, I make her sweat, huh, I’ma die by my respect, huh,I put a check up on my neck, Life check ya in the head, I signed for a couple milli’, You only touched a hundred thou’,” are a clear testament to his success and the respect he has earned in the industry.

The ‘check uploaded on his neck’ is a metaphorical representation of the hefty price to his fame. The cash references are expressions of his financial status, which is a far cry from those who can only dream of such success.

Drake then launches into a chorus that emphasizes his disregard for anyone else’s opinions or judgments, “I don’t give a fuck what y’all goin’ on, Man, fuck all of you” emphasizing his focus on his own path and pursuits.

The repeated word ‘twizz’ in the song refers to one’s entourage or close-knit circle in hip-hop slang, thus showcasing the camaraderie and loyal relationships Drake values.

The verse “You rapping ’bout shit that you never did, My dawg in the can like a metal lid,” further solidifies Drake’s critical view on those who only rap about experiences and lifestyles they haven’t lived. He alludes to his connections with people who’ve faced true hardship, aka “in the can,” slang for serving time in prison.

The lines, “I stay with that O like a tire, I stay with that O like a bagel, I stay with that O like a Lifesaver, ” showcases Drake’s sly wordplay and ties into his label October’s Own. The repeated ‘O’ here cleverly represents his hometown of Toronto, famous label, and even victory ‘O’ in games.

The final verse encapsulates the essence of the song’s theme. “I wait in no line, Better be a man and do the time, if you did the crime, Bitch, why you cryin?’ ” Here, Drake’s emphasis on being authentic, to accept the consequences of one’s actions, and to shun any weakness just reassert his assertion towards self-dependency and resilience.

Overall, Drake’s “IDGAF” is a fearless proclamation of his indifference towards societal expectations, his fearless pursuit of his ambitions, and unapologetic celebration of his success. He’s not just rapping about the high-life. He’s delving into the dark depths, the challenges, and hard truths that accompany the journey to the top.

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