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Meaning of the song ‘LOT OF ME’ by ‘Lil Tecca’

Released: 2021

“LOT OF ME” by Lil Tecca is a hip-hop track centered around success, confidence, and attraction. The song encapsulates Tecca’s personal growth and increasing affluence, and paints the picture of how this affects his romantic and social relationships.

The first lines set the track’s ambiance: “Yeah, yeah / Everything still cool, being me, I can’t lose / I know you getting confused / They like, “How you do it so smooth?””. Tecca boasts of his effortless rise to success, and often leaves people wondering how he stays so unshakeable. “Smooth” here refers to his seamless transition into fame.

The chorus, “I can see you wanna vibe with me / Just say you wan’ vibe with me / Feeling like I won the lottery / You getting a lot of me…”, repeatedly emphasizes the appeal he garners from his skyrocketing success. ‘Vibe’ refers to wanting to spend time and connect with him, and the ‘lottery’ metaphor suggests that his time and attention have become a prized possession.

Tecca goes further into the source of his success in the lines, “Mixing different shades up, balling like the fall / Trap money, real money, yeah, I want it all / I just take my best feelings, put it in a song / I know I was right, I know you was wrong”. Here, he explains his work ethic, ambition, and penchant for diversity in his music, reinforcing the narrative of his self-assurance.

Lastly, the verse ending with “Everywhere up in the world right now, ten bands in the suitcase” underlines his current jet-setting lifestyle, with ‘bands’ referring to thousands of dollars, underscoring his financial success.

Overall, “LOT OF ME” is a classic celebration of triumph over adversity. It’s about Lil Tecca’s journey from being underestimated to being sought after, all while remaining true to his authentic self.

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