YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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Meaning of the song ‘Nevada’ by ‘YoungBoy Never Broke Again’

Released: 2021

In “Nevada,” NBA YoungBoy pours out his soul, grappling with his feelings of love, commitment, emotional turmoil and vulnerability. This track is a journey into YoungBoy’s psyche, where he unabashedly expresses his love, regret, and confusion. It’s as raw as it gets, folks.

Digging into the song, the first line, “Niggas dyin’, fallin’ stars through the night” reveals YoungBoy’s contemplation of mortality and the transient nature of life, a common theme in hip-hop. The repeated lines, “Should I leave it ‘lone? Ah / Should I try or just? I can’t lie, I just / I be wrong for the cry” illustrate his inner conflict with pursuing a relationship and his fear of vulnerability and rejection.

The phrase “Ballin’ like a baller blocker” is a nod to the 1999 film “Baller Blockin'” featuring the Cash Money Millionaires. In this context, YoungBoy is likely referring to his status and success in the industry.

His line, “And you probably find my heart somewhere lost in Nevada” hits hard, making reference to his emotional state being as desolate and barren as a desert, encapsulating his feelings of emptiness and his struggle to locate his own emotions.

When he mentions, “Choppas in the trunk, baby, this that slime tone,” it’s a reference to both his readiness for friction and his alignment with ‘slime’ culture, a term popularized in hip hop to denote loyalty, respect, and tight-knit relationships.

“I can’t hold you right now so I been holdin’ on my tool” expresses his inner turmoil, of yearning for connection but instead resorting to carrying a gun due to his lifestyle and environment.

The lines, “I don’t want my ex, I don’t want no bitch I had” and “I just want a chance, hopefully I make you glad” underscore his desire to leave his past behind, to move forward and hopefully make this special person happy.

YoungBoy’s “Nevada” sets the bar for emotional honesty in hip-hop, demonstrating how an artist can cope with feelings of love and longing while navigating unforgiving terrain. The man serves realness on a platter, extending an invite to his listeners to dine on authenticity. A real masterpiece if you ask me.

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