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Meaning of the song ‘On My Mama’ by ‘Victoria Monét’

Released: 2023

Let’s get into it, fam. “On My Mama” by Victoria Monét is from her Grammy winning album Jaguar II and it’s a song where she stakes her claim on her flyness, her fine self, and just drips confidence. She ain’t got time for humility or modesty—she’s all about celebrating her own shine and living in that sweet, sweet fantasy. It’s a straight-up anthem for all the ladies who know they’ve got it going on and ain’t afraid to own it, on everything they love—in this case, their mama and their neighborhood.

Right from the jump, Victoria Monét sets the tone with “When they say, ‘She get it from her mama’, I’ma say, ‘You got it right’.” That’s not just a nod to how she’s rocking her God-given blessings; it’s a salute to lineage, to the traits and the strength she inherited straight from her mama. When she says her body is “rude, it’s unpolite”, don’t get it twisted—she’s calling attention to how fierce she is, how her presence disrupts norms and commands attention. Ain’t no room for being demure or playing down her light.

Sliding into the hook, we get that repetition of self-assurance: “I put that on my own mama, on my hood / I look fly, I look good.” Monét’s laying it down on everything she values—her family and her roots—that she’s top-tier, and she knows it. You can’t touch her bag, that loot, that bread, and yeah, you probably do “wish you could.” It’s a brag on her success, her style, and her unattainable status. Ain’t no false modesty here, she’s inviting us all to witness this boss level she’s residing at, and in hip-hop, that braggadocio is currency.

Victoria Monét On My Mama

Then the queen hits us with some slick wordplay: “I’m so deep in my bag like a grandma with a peppermint.” We all know that any grandma’s purse is like a treasure trove of goodies, so Monét’s saying she’s got depth to her riches, both material and otherwise. Moreover, her scent is divine, she’s “heaven-sent”—she’s so above the rest, it’s almost like she’s not of this world. And for anyone trying to come at her, their words are like a toothpick—brittle and easily broken—because what they say don’t hold weight against her self-validated finesse.

We ride out with more of that high-octane, feel-good energy, as Victoria Monét affirms over and over: “I look fly, I look good.” It’s like a mantra, a spell she’s casting over herself and all the ladies who are feeling themselves just as fiercely. Peep the vibe, she’s making it loud and clear that she’s unstoppable in her glow-up, her bag is secured, and her confidence is something you can’t touch but can only aspire to. On her mama, on her hood, she’s the embodiment of that fly life, and she owns it absolutely.

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