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Meaning of the song ‘We Might Even Be Falling In Love’ by ‘Victoria Monét’

Released: 2020

Victoria Monét’s “We Might Even Be Falling In Love (Interlude)” is a smooth, sultry slice of R&B that oozes romance and intimacy. Right at the outset, you can feel the track is all about that moment when a flirtation starts to turn serious, when you and your partner are vibing together in a rhythm that feels timeless.

Breaking it down, the interlude opens with Monét encouraging her partner to let loose, to “act a fool in it,” which is like saying ‘be yourself, don’t hold back.’ She’s feeling the chemistry, inviting them to “freestyle with me ’til you find your groove in it,” which is about getting comfortable and finding their unique way to mesh their styles together, metaphorically and literally in their relationship. The mention of a “U-Haul” is a playful reference to how serious things are getting — it’s like she’s ready to take the next step, saying ‘I’m so into you, I’m considering making space for you in my life, let’s cohabitate.’

The line “‘Cause I ain’t had nobody hit it like you hit it” is a double entendre. In a literal sense, it’s sexually charged, speaking to the physical connection between them. But, it’s also about the emotional impact the person has had on her, hitting the right notes in her heart. Monét’s feelings are deep enough that she’s projecting into the future — she feels like she’s going to know them for the “rest of my life.”

Victoria Monét We Might Even Be Falling In Love (Interlude)

The interlude closes with an affirmation that their connection is possibly turning into love. “It’s safe to say that we might even be falling in love” — she’s acknowledging that what they have is transitioning from just chemistry and fun to something profound and long-lasting. The repetition of “Ooh, love, love, love,” is like a mantra, celebrating the simplicity and depth of the emotion they’re experiencing.

In essence, this Victoria Monét track is an ode to that pivotal moment when flirtation flowers into something real and potentially everlasting. It captures the excitement and seriousness of realizing you’re on the brink of love, wrapped in a confident and smooth delivery only Monét could provide.

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