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Meaning of the song ‘RAPSTAR’ by ‘Polo G’

Released: 2021

“RAPSTAR” by Polo G is an introspective anthem that explores his rise to fame, the challenges he faces in his newfound position, and his internal struggle to reconcile his past with his current success. It also delves into the pressure and loneliness that fame can bring, often hidden behind the glittery façade of success.

The opening line, “Copped a BMW,” serves as a metaphor for Polo’s success in the rap game. It ain’t just about the whip; it’s a symbol of the cash he’s been making and the lifestyle he’s been living. This idea is reiterated with, “I picked up another bag like, ‘Fuck it, I’ma count while I’m in it.'” Polo’s letting us know, in no uncertain terms, that he’s on top right now.

With lines like, “I’ve been getting high to hide behind my insecurities,” he’s vulnerable, acknowledging that success doesn’t eliminate self-doubt or insecurity. The constant reference to drowning while he’s swimming through clouds shows his fear of falling from where he’s risen, highlighting the precariousness of his fame.

Then there’s the line, “The only bitch I give a conversation to is Siri.” Here Polo cleverly conveys his guarded approach to relationships, an understandable stance considering the pitfalls of fame. He ain’t looking for love, just physical connection, hence, “And we might have a child when I’m finished.”

The second verse delves into Polo’s struggle with anxiety and disillusionment, a stark contrast to his lyrical braggadocio. “When they ask if I’m okay, it just makes everything seem worse,” reveals how the act of putting on a brave face can amplify internal pain. His comparison to Tupac, a symbolic figure in hip-hop who often explored themes of struggle and resilience, underscores his determination to maintain authenticity despite the tribulations he’s facing.

Finally, the lines “Put that on every war scar, for every battle I fought” encapsulates a warrior spirit, using scars as badges of his battles in life. They denote his trials and tribulations, but also his resilience and strength to persevere.

Throughout “RAPSTAR,” Polo G confronts the contradictory nature of success—celebrating his achievements while grappling with the personal cost that comes with it. His use of raw lyrical storytelling combined with the catchy melodic structure creates a deeply resonant track that explores the paradox of success in the rap game.

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