Released: 2015

Let’s enter the mind of Logic, the Maryland mastermind behind the track “Run It.” At its essence, the song is a celebration of Logic’s determination and success in the hip-hop industry, despite the many odds stacked against him. He uncovers the highs and lows of his journey, challenges the glamourized facade of fame and reinforces his unwavering commitment to his craft.

The hook of the song sets the tone, “Me and my team gotta intervene / What’s the point of living if you ain’t living a dream?” Here, Logic expresses his dedication to remaining true to his vision and the importance of dreaming big. He points out the societal pressures to conform and attain materialistic success, a common theme in hip-hop culture.

Moving on to the first verse, Logic gets real about the challenges of fame. He says, “Man, I never knew that living out a dream meant living out a suitcase,” demystifying the so-called glamorous lifestyle often associated with rap stardom. The idea of being on the road constantly, a reality many touring artists face, is a stark reminder of the sacrifices made for success.

Logic Run It

Further into the verse, Logic addresses the issue of falseness in the industry caused by success and money, accusing people around him of being “Two-faced.” He uses the term ‘two-faced’ as slang for insincere or betraying, further illustrating the troubles that have come along with his success.

The term “Run it” which is the song’s title, is also a crucial part of this verse. In hip-hop vernacular, “run it” typically means to execute, to get things done, which underlines Logic’s go-getter mindset and hard work ethic.

In the second verse, Logic explores the pressures of maintaining success in the industry. He mentions that the industry only respects him because he’s “ballin’ out,” a slang term denoting his high-rolling lifestyle and prominence in the game. He talks about realizing who his real friends are, those who stick around not only in success but also during downward times.

Offering a glimpse into his creative process, Logic mentions he’s in the kitchen, “working on that nutrition.” Here, the ‘kitchen’ serves as a metaphor for his workspace, and ‘nutrition’ symbolizing his music, pointing out that his work nourishes his fans and the industry.

Verse three sees Logic stepping back in time, reminiscing on his fledgling career. He recounts when his music was loved but he was operating “on a budget,” an allusion to the early stages of an artist’s career when resources are often limited.

In the final verse, Logic delves deeper into his journey of self-discovery and personal growth, referencing his old mindset and how his focus and aspirations have evolved. Lines such as “Looking for validation / With all the wrong things on my mind for motivation” touch on his early insecurities and misguided motivation, a stark contrast to his current self-assured persona.

Ending the song, Logic re-emphasises the title “Cause I run it,” reinforcing his influential status in the industry and his relentless drive. He stresses that aspiring rappers should reconsider their ambitions if they aren’t willing to put in the effort because he is in command of the game.

In summary, “Run It” by Logic is more than just a flex track. It’s a reflective and revealing piece about his experiences in the industry, his struggles, triumphs, and the reality behind the glitz and glamour. The song serves as an inspiring testament to Logic’s resilience and dedication in a highly competitive and often unforgiving industry.