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Meaning of the song ‘Steppas’ by ‘A Boogie Wit da Hoodie’

Released: 2024

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie’s “Steppas” goes hard, telling a vivid tale of a young man’s life in the thick of street warfare, the narco business and the high-end luxurious lifestyle that can accompany such a risky path. The song is marked by an unapologetic embrace of violence, extravagance, and emotional distress often associated with the gangsta lifestyle.

The repetition of the word “Steppas” denotes individuals who are active and influential in the street life. They’re the ones who “step” or take action, whether that’s in street beef, or hustling to make bank. The chorus is a haunting depiction of violence spurred by street wars. “Step in that bi-, wiped his nose okay” could be referring to committing a murder, as ‘wiping a nose’ is often slang for killing someone in street vernacular.

Take the lines “Switchers and choppers, penthouse full of grenades” and “Put him in a box, leave a lil’ nigga in the lake”. A Boogie is assertively showcasing elements of his intimidating lifestyle. ‘Switchers’ are modified guns and ‘choppers’ refer to machine guns while the term ‘put him in a box’ plainly references a coffin.

Yet, between the depictions of violence and high-stakes crime, there’s a whole lot of flexing going on. Lines like, “I just stretched the ‘Rari ’cause the bitch too fast”, “Check out the fridge in the new Maybach”, “Klu Klux diamonds on the top of my hands”, and “Flood the AP” are reflections of the wealth that A Boogie’s lifestyle affords him, displaying a collection of luxury cars, jewelry, and a surplus of money.

However, A Boogie also hints at the emotional cost of such a lifestyle. “She broke my heart, pieces Eliantte glass”. He refers to the famous jeweler Eliantte famous for his diamond work, equating his broken heart to shattered diamonds – beautiful, valuable, but ultimately broken.

Lastly, the repeated phrase of “I don’t do love and they don’t do friends” is a reminder of the loneliness that often comes with this lifestyle. There’s mistrust and skepticism, reinforcing the narrative that in this lifestyle, it’s every man for himself.

Through “Steppas”, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie paints a realistic picture of the life he leads – a life marked by violence and luxury, isolation and bravado, brought to life through vivid lyrics and backed by hard, commanding beats.

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