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Meaning of the song ‘TQM’ by ‘Fuerza Regida’

Released: 2023

Aight, we’re diving into “TQM,” a track that’s laced with street luxury and the hustle’s aroma. This cut lays out a narrative of flashy lifestyle, flexing brand names, and a reputation that precedes itself in the game. We’re talking about that hustle, the clout, and the gravitational pull the protagonist has in their world—it’s a self-portrait of success and street cred.

The first line hits with designer brand name drops, “Psycho Bunny” and “Burberry,” setting the scene for that high-end flex. When it goes to “Fumando pura motita cherry,” we’re vibing with the scent of cherry-flavored smoke, a sign of chillin’ in style. “Superdorada cacha de San Judas” paints a picture of a golden-embossed image of San Judas, a symbol often associated with hope and difficult situations in the streets. “Las morras fresas me ponen débil,” reveals a weakness for those bougie girls, adding a layer of vulnerability to the otherwise hard facade.

Rocking a “gorrita de esas del pescado,” possibly referring to a fish brand cap like Christian Fish or something lowkey, the artist keeps that gaze hidden, “poco sabe Lemmy” — a nod to the late Motörhead frontman known for his brimmed hats and outsider image. “Venadeandoa voy metiendo goles” is a slick way to say they’re steadily scoring wins, hunting success like a deer hunter tracks down game. The protagonist is known as “el Baby” in the clubs, a nickname that signifies both familiarity and status.

That hook, “Me dicen ‘TQM’ cuando ven el BM,” translates to “They say ‘I love you very much’ when they see the BMW,” showcasing how material success can twist perceptions of affection. “Partiendo el queso de JGL” could mean slicing up the profits, and JGL might be initials for a business or an associate’s name. “Siempre oloroso” hints at the constant fragrance of money or success that follows the protagonist; “le lavo” suggests cleaning money or staying fresh.

Moving on, “Haciendo feria, consigna de Iván y vienen” paints the picture of making money, with “feria” as slang for cash, and a shoutout to “Iván,” possibly an associate in the enterprise, indicating that orders are being made and they keep coming. The phrase “A huevo, viejo” is equivalent to saying “Hell yeah, man,” emphasizing the certainty and pride in their operations.

The second verse maintains the energy, talking about being “enfiestado” or partying hard, with a reference to Perry, a nod to achieving the high life. “Perrillo trucha que no anda de oquis” is a slick line suggesting that the protagonist is no fool and stays clear of sketchy situations. There’s also a call for romance with a “princessa” desiring a kiss, further establishing the hedonistic vibes. “Cinco Redonda son los anillos” could refer to five-ring-like situations or needing a circle of trust for unexpected events, while “que me saquen de aquí” shows a desire for an escape route if things go south.

A shift in locale hints at an afterparty with “Rumbo pa’l depa ya suena a pepas,” suggesting heading to the apartment, party favors possibly in tow. “Y ando bien Travis, tráiganme a la Kylie,” is a clever line referencing rapper Travis Scott and the high-profile relationship with Kylie Jenner, aiming for that celebrity lifestyle.

To close, the lyrics reaffirm their hustle with “Arriba la mafia viejo, Street Mob Records, Empresa de CM,” paying tribute to their crew, record label, and reaffirming their allegiance, which is integral to their identity and success. The finale, “Aquí seguimos generando, pariente,” declares a vow to continue generating – whether it’s money, music, or power, they’re not stopping any time soon, building a legacy for themselves and their kin.

“TQM” stands as a testament to the grind and the allure of a lavish lifestyle, navigating the line between street savvy and high-roller status. It’s a celebration of triumphs, a reflection on the nature of loyalty in the face of fame and fortune, and an acknowledgment of the ever-present hunger for more. In the world of “TQM,” love comes with power and prosperity, creating a complex tapestry of street narratives and desires.

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