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Meaning of the song ‘Me Acostumbre A Lo Bueno’ by ‘Fuerza Regida’

Released: 2021″Me Acostumbré A Lo Bueno” by Fuerza Regida is an unapologetic anthem celebrating a life transformed from humble beginnings to one of luxury and power, set against the backdrop of narcocultura. It narrates the journey of an individual accustomed to the finer things in life, rooted in illicit activities, and the subsequent rise to prominence and power within their world. It’s a tale of survival, ambition, and resilience, with a clear message: the protagonist doesn’t just adapt to circumstances; they thrive, transforming each challenge into opportunity.

The opening lines set the stage: “Me acostumbré a lo bueno / Mota de la más cara.” Here, the protagonist reflects on their adaptation to a lavish lifestyle, highlighted by enjoying the most expensive “mota” (slang for marijuana). This line lays the groundwork for understanding the protagonist’s journey from handling “pacas” (bundles, likely referring to drug packages) before gaining importance in the criminal world, to a life where wealth and risk are constants. The reference to “cargaba las pacas” (carrying bundles) signifies the protagonist’s early involvement in drug trafficking, a detail that emphasizes their climb from the lower ranks to a position of significant power and wealth.

The narrative progresses with mentions of caution and indulgence: “Si salgo, me echo un rezo / Y cargo una fajada.” Praying before going out and carrying a “fajada” (a wad of cash or possibly a concealed weapon) underscores the dangerous life led by the protagonist, where every outing could be fraught with peril. This dual invocation of faith and readiness to defend oneself paints a vivid picture of the protagonist’s world, where success and survival demand constant vigilance.

The song continues to weave tales of celebration and close encounters with the law: “En un antro me vieron / Festejando en Tijuana.” Celebrating in a nightclub in Tijuana, only to be arrested and then released the following morning, speaks to the protagonist’s resilience and ability to navigate the legal dangers of their lifestyle. The reference to “Buenos negocios llevo / Pues me gusta la chamba” (I carry out good business because I like the work) reinforces the protagonist’s dedication to their ventures, legal or otherwise, driven by a love for “la chamba” (the job).

As the song unfolds, references to “Puro perico de exporte” (pure export-grade cocaine) and transforming the criminal underworld through creating a legitimate enterprise are highlighted. These lines delve deeper into the essence of narcocorrido, blending the harsh realities of drug trade with aspirations for legitimacy and respectability. The mention of “Una sierra cortita / Va zumbando en putiza” likely alludes to the violent means sometimes employed to protect the protagonist’s lifestyle and ventures, with “una sierra cortita” (a short chainsaw) symbolizing the willingness to use extreme measures.

In closing, “Me Acostumbré A Lo Bueno” is more than a song; it’s a narrative of transformation and dominance within a world defined by its own rules. Fuerza Regida delivers a raw, unfiltered account of rising through the ranks of the underworld, embracing the good life that comes with it, while always being prepared for the dangers that lurk. The protagonist’s journey from the bottom to running a legitimate business, described as “Mi empresa formé” (I formed my company), serves as a testament to their savvy, resilience, and the complex dynamics of seeking power and prosperity on the fringes of society.

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