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Meaning of the song ‘Tunnel Vision’ by ‘Kodak Black’

Released: 2017

“Tunnel Vision” by Kodak Black is a vivid expression of the young rapper’s struggles and aspirations, underpinned by a theme of perseverance amid adversity. Kodak captures a raw authenticity with a recurring message hovering around the idea of focusing on your goals (keeping a ‘tunnel vision’), ignoring distractions, and overcoming the negativity that surrounds success in the rap game.

The song kicks off with Kodak acknowledging his haters – “Lil Kodak, they don’t like to see you winnin’. They wanna see you in the penitentiary.” He’s stating straight up that his success breeds resentment, with many wishing to see him fall, or worse, incarcerated. He touches upon his desire for a loyal partner – a “lil’ baby who gon’ listen”. Language translation: he’s looking for a supportive woman who will understand and stand by him.

One of his major motivations appears to be his mother as evident from the line – “My mama told me: ‘Boy, make a decision!'”. He’s under pressure to make good choices and stay focused, which explains his need for ‘tunnel vision’, a metaphor for single-minded focus on his success and ignoring detrimental distractions.

Notably, he addresses his wealth in the line – “I jumped up out the Wraith, Kodak bought a Wraith”. Here, he flaunts his Rolls Royce Wraith, a symbol of his success. But he also highlights how money can complicate relationships as he raps – “She want me to save the day, but I ain’t got a cape.” This can be interpreted as him saying that even though he’s rich, he isn’t a savior and can’t fix everyone’s problems.

The song also acknowledges the dangerous reality of his environment – “They sendin’ all my homies on a mission”, alluding to his friends getting caught up in perilous activities which could potentially lead to prison time or risking their lives. And yet, his resolve remains unbroken – “I told you niggas I’m gon’ be that fuckin’ nigga. Everything be good ’til you doin’ better than ’em.” Kodak asserts himself here, stating that he is determined to rise above his circumstances, while recognizing the envy it stirs in others.

Overall, Kodak’s “Tunnel Vision” serves as a gritty testament of his journey — a young rapper navigating success while dealing with its negative consequences. He’s letting us know he’s focused on his bread (‘millions’), despite the challenges, haters, and distractions. So while he’s taking the time to flex his wealth and status, he’s also throwing down the message – he ain’t slowing down, and he ain’t swerving out of his lane. No doubt, Kodak’s still got his eyes on the prize.

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