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Meaning of the song ‘Transportin” by ‘Kodak Black’

Released: 2017

“Transportin'” by Kodak Black, on the surface, is a slick flex anthem detailing the realities of his lifestyle – which includes drugs, weapons, cash, and relationships. But it’s also a clever display of hip-hop braggadocio that showcases a life garnered from the hustle, while also owning up to the dangerous complexities tied to it.

Let’s slide into the lyrics and break this down. The line “Orbit, I be so fat call me orbit, orbit” is a humorous way of saying he’s gaining weight, potentially from wealth. However, “Ain’t gotta wait to make the movies, I be loaded” signals more than meets the eye – in street lingo, being ‘loaded’ could mean either having a firearm or being high or drunk.

“Why you out here drinkin’ 40’s, I just tote it” shows he’s not wasting time on cheap booze, but busy ‘toting’ or carrying around firearms or money, underscoring the perilous reality of his lifestyle. When he says “I’m doin’ five, got that bag, yeah I’m transportin’/ I got that bag on me nigga, like I’m Jansportin'”, he’s comparing carrying money (‘the bag’) to a kid toting a Jansport schoolbag, but ‘transportin” could also possibly refer to trafficking drugs.

Kodak Black’s “He dropped his mixtape, thought I woulda reposted/ I ain’t post his mixtape ’cause I don’t fuck with shawty” reflects his hesitance in promoting other artists, indicative of a competitive nature or personal issues. When he says “that Glock got extended like a outlet”, he’s referring to a firearm with an extended magazine. This, along with “Yeah I pop molly and I pop checks”, showcases a lifestyle of risk and recklessness, both financially and personally.

“It’s a Kodak moment, yeah/ Bought it ’cause I wanted it/ I be on the corner, yeah/ Fuck the law enforcement” is a clear dismissal of the law enforcement and an embrace of an outlaw lifestyle, coupled with asserting his wealth and the freedom it ostensibly provides. The final line, “Project Baby got no stroller but I keep pushin'” is a homage to his beginnings, and despite the lack of a stroller (a metaphor for a stable upbringing), he’s still pushing forward.

Overall, “Transportin'” articulates Kodak Black’s navigation through life’s complexities and dangers as an artist growing up within an environment of crime and poverty, while also boasting about his wealth earned from his hustle – a common theme within the hip-hop genre.

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