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Meaning of the song Us Vs. Them by $uicideboy$

Released: 2024

“Us Vs. Them” by “$” is an audacious track, a heady mix of brash bravado and dark introspection, addressing the struggle against societal norms and self-destructive tendencies, all while demonstrating an unshakable commitment to the crew.

The song kicks off with a ferocious declaration of defiance and resilience, drawing parallels between his grit and a serpent. There’s a reference to Viktor Bout, a notorious arms dealer, which is a hyperbolic way of expressing how heavily armed he is. He asserts his indifference towards relationship issues, signifying his focus on more pressing matters.

The lyrics then shift to vividly shedding light on his troubled past and how it has shaped his present. He uses language that points to a rough upbringing, underscored by the line “fucked up since knee high”. The chorus is a powerful refrain, repeated with a slight change in words each time to reinforce his indifference to what others say about him.

Throughout the track, he makes references to drug use as a mechanism to cope with his struggles (“snorted a bunch of Perc 30’s”) and celebrates his rebellious nature (“ignorin’ every call”). There’s self-deprecating humor too – he crashes a sports car only to realize he’s at a mall food court, painting a picture of chaotic energy and disregard for consequences.

The phrase “G-R-E-Y (North), East bloc, 59 (Side)” references his affiliation with the G*59 Records, a label founded by hip-hop duo Suicideboys. Similarly, “throw them threes up for the G59” symbolizes solidarity and allegiance to his crew. His mention of shellfish on his wrist, and bones buried in the yard, along with Fugazi jewels, are symbolic of his wealth and achievements, all while staying cautious against fakes (“Fugazi”) in the industry.

The recurring line “ladies and gentlemen” followed by “get up” is possibly a call to everyone listening to rise up against the struggles they face. The song thus paints a vivid picture of opposition, struggle and the indomitable will to stay true to one’s roots while navigating through hardship.

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