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Meaning of the song ‘Walk’ by ‘Kodak Black’

Released: 2022

Kodak Black’s “Walk” is an assertive assertion of power and prestige, embodying the staunch resistance against hurdles and the commitment toward survival in a brutal world. The song pivots around Black’s experiences navigating societal challenges and possessing an indomitable spirit that keeps him marching forward no matter what.

The opening lyrics “(Walk) I’m a big stepper, I drip when I walk/ I’m bringing pressure, they run when I walk”, dive straight into Kodak Black’s self-proclaimed dominance. In the hip-hop parlance, ‘Big stepper’ is someone who carries out bold actions without hesitation, especially those actions which can cause intimidation or controversy. ‘Drip’ refers to his flashy style and swagger that garners attention and respect.

The line “I kicked the bitch out the Jeep, told her, “Walk”” demonstrates his belief in self-reliance, moving forward even under pressure or loss. This ‘walk’ – a steady, self-directed movement – is an expression of autonomy and resilience.

He uses the phrase “Hellcat came with an exhaust/ Switched out on me, must be lost” as a metaphor for betrayal, suggesting someone turned their back on him. Using “Hellcat”, a high-performance car, he’s painting a picture of speed, power, and status.

“Fresh out of prison, I’m already spinnin’, I’m right back where I started,” Now this line is a direct reference to his time spent in prison, with ‘spinnin’ meaning resuming his old ways and lifestyle.

Towards the end of the song, “I’m on the blogs every time that I talk/ 13 cars, but I’m still gon’ walk, and I’m on lean today” he’s showing us his celebrity status with blog coverage and an impressive car collection, but simultaneously expressing his struggle with substance abuse (‘lean’ is a concoction containing codeine). Even with all this going on, he’s still persisting – he’s still going to walk.

At its core, “Walk” is Kodak’s testament to the paths he’s walked and the ones he’s determined to tread, regardless of the trials and tribulations thrown his way. It’s a gritty yet spirited exploration of the journey of survival in a harsh reality, a reminder that the hip-hop game isn’t for the faint-hearted.

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