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Meaning of ‘Super Gremlin’ by ‘Kodak Black’

Released: 2021

Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin” is a hard-hitting track that ponders the potential lost stardom, explores betrayal amongst friends, and acknowledges the unrelenting grind that comes with being in the rap game. The song is laced with Kodak’s raw emotion and unapologetic honesty, capturing the essence of the darker side of the rap industry and street lifestyle.

Breaking down the lyrics, the recurring theme of the song is captured in the lyrics “We could’ve been superstars / Remember when we was jackin’ cars / You switched like a pussy, lil’ bitch.” Here, Kodak reminisces about his past, potentially referring to a close friend who changed or betrayed him after they ascended from a life of petty crime to potential superstardom. The term “jackin'” is street slang for stealing, specifically referring to car theft in this context. The phrase “you switched like a pussy, lil’ bitch” is a scathing criticism of a friend’s disloyalty, painting a picture of a trust gone sour.

Kodak continues his narrative in the verse “I put it in for you, I spin for you / Whatever you with, I’m with it / How you gon’ cross a nigga that was rockin’ with you?” Here, he expresses a sense of betrayal, frustrated that someone he’s been loyal to would turn against him. The term “spin” in this context means to ride around, typically looking for opposing gang members.

The lyric “I knew the Perc’ was fake / But I still ate it ’cause I’m a gremlin” refers to Percocet, a prescription drug often abused in street culture. Kodak admits to taking the pill despite knowing it’s counterfeit, likening himself to a gremlin – a creature known for wreaking havoc, further signifying his rough-edged lifestyle.

Referencing his ongoing legal battles, the lines “I done went cages, to stages, to cages / Now free me, baby, can’t keep me, baby / I beat them cases, they already hate me / They gon’ want me dead when I’m on probation” bear witness to the rapper’s tumultuous life of fame interspersed with periods in jail. He also acknowledges the hatred he has incited due to his wealth and notoriety.

Overall, the song is a raw, unfiltered look into Kodak Black’s life experiences, revealing a narrative of street life, betrayals, crime, and the bittersweet taste of fame and success in the face of adversity. It’s a compelling cry from the heart of an artist who has experienced the harsh realities of a life entrenched in the street culture, while trying to navigate the complex world of hip-hop stardom.

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