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Meaning of the song ‘No Flockin” by ‘Kodak Black’

Released: 2015

“No Flockin'” by Kodak Black is a braggadocious anthem revolving around his wealth, lifestyle, and street sensibilities. This track is a raw and unfiltered glimpse into Kodak’s life, a narrative of survival in the streets parlayed into a successful rap career.

The start of the song shows Kodak flexing his wealth and status, “Young nigga, I got old cash/Spazzin’ on they ass/I got Prada on my hoe ass.” He’s making it clear that he’s attained wealth at a young age, something he’s unapologetic in celebrating. He also isn’t afraid to spend on luxuries as shown when he states he’s draped his lady in Prada. The mention of Prada is symbolic, representing high status and lavish lifestyle.

The lyrics, “Project Baby, y’all was skipping in the hallway/I was skipping school” introduce us to Kodak’s past. ‘Project Baby’ refers to his upbringing in the projects of Pompano Beach, Florida where skipping school was a norm for him, hinting at the difficult circumstances he had to overcome. The phrase ‘skipping in the hallway’ juxtaposes his life to that of others who have easier lives, further highlighting his strife.

As the song progresses, Kodak lays bare his street cred, “Bleeding concrete, bet you/Niggas won’t come ‘cross the street.” This line is a bold assertion that he’s so ingrained in the streets that he’s practically a part of it (‘bleeding concrete’), and that his reputation intimidates others from challenging him.

On the lines, “Anyway, I’m married to the game/She said her vows to me,” Kodak is expressing his devotion to the ‘game’—a term often used to denote the hip hop industry or the street life. He feels a sense of commitment, almost like a marriage. This points to the deeply personal connection he has with his career and his lifestyle.

The latter part of the verse, “It’s little Kodak, the finesse kid/ Boy who hot as me?”, shows his confidence and self-assured attitude. He refers to himself as “the finesse kid” (a nickname he’s popularly known by), which implies he’s crafty, suave, and adept, asserting that no one is quite on his level.

The closing lines, “I’m a freeband junkie, you a junkie/You getting skinny, I’m getting chunky, getting money” is a play on the term ‘junkie’. While one meaning refers to drug addiction, Kodak flips it to mean being addicted to money (freebands, a slang term for cash). By saying he’s “getting chunky”, he communicates that he’s gaining weight, which in hip-hop culture is often a metaphor for accumulating wealth.

Overall, “No Flockin'” is essentially Kodak Black laying out his life, his rise, status, and unapologetic attitude, all wrapped in a boastful yet gritty anthem.

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