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Meaning of ‘THRU THE NIGHT’ by ‘Jack Harlow’ feat. Bryson Tiller

Released: 2019

Features: Bryson Tiller

Jack Harlow’s track “THRU THE NIGHT”, featuring Bryson Tiller, is a smooth piece of storytelling that weaves together elements of lust, carefree living, and a longing for deeper understanding. The track encompasses late-night escapades and mindful conversations, set against the backdrop of their cityscape.

The verse starts with Jack Harlow breaking down the thrill that comes with risk, “She just want the tip, no advice / On the side of the road, what’s the risk? Roll the dice.” This directly refers to a spontaneous and risky sexual escapade that defies the fear of being caught. This carefreeness is further emphasized with “If they catch us, I don’t care ’cause we all gon’ die (Yeah, yeah).”

Then, Jack Harlow captures the overwhelming attraction he felt when he first saw this woman: “When I first laid eyes, I was awfully enticed.” He lets us know he might already be under the influence of something but is nonetheless completely captivated by her, such that he suggests she skip work the next day to spend more time with him. The line “I’m still goin’ in,” like Rich Homie Quan” is a reference to the rapper’s popular catchphrase and song, symbolizing a relentless pursuit of what one wants.

In the next verse, Harlow speaks of his serial dating but admits that when he’s with this particular woman, he forgets about the rest. Meanwhile, Bryson Tiller jumps in with the reference to “Used to catch 18 all the way to Newberg” a likely nod to his and Harlow’s shared hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, further grounding their tale in personal history and authenticity.

Tiller then brings more depth to the narrative by revealing a struggle against his past self: “But what’s holding me back is the old me, in fact / I’ma get intact, I’ma get it back.” He’s vowing to make personal changes, asking his mother to hold him accountable to this commitment.

By the end of the song, we’re left with the sense of two artists navigating the tension between their past and present selves, all amidst a backdrop of romantic escapades and city nights. The recurring line “Thru the night” thus takes on multiple meanings – it’s not only about making it through the actual nighttime, but also about surviving and thriving amidst life’s challenges and changes.

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