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Meaning of the song ‘Dua Lipa’ by ‘Jack Harlow’

Released: 2022

In “Dua Lipa,” Jack Harlow lays out a braggadocios flow to express his ambition and hunger for success, while equating his desirability to an admired pop singer. The song pits Harlow against the critics, as he aims to ascend to the very top via his undeniable talent and driving force.

The hook, “Dua Lipa, I’m tryna do more with her than do a feature,” serves as an audacious double entendre. Not only is Jack expressing his attraction towards the pop star Dua Lipa, but he’s also asserting his intent to transcend beyond just being a featured artist. He aims to “do more” by becoming a global star in his own right.

Lines like ‘I checked the web, they out here chewin’ me up, fuck it’ and ‘I heard from someone you said you could be us, nothing’ denote the criticism Harlow faces. He responds to his detractors by stating that he remains unperturbed. His city is compared to ‘the new Korea, bustin’ which is a reference to how both the artist and his hometown are surging in popularity and influence — reminiscent of the global cultural appeal of South Korea’s entertainment industry.

Jack Harlow Dua Lipa

When Harlow says, ‘I sold them basements out, let’s do arenas, crushing,’ he’s detailing his progression from underground gigs to envisaging selling out massive arenas. ‘She looking, I’m blushing, I’m lying, I’m touching’ reflects some flirtatious vibes, hinting at his charisma and confidence around women.

The line ‘Uh, nine times out of ten I had ’em, then I blew it, but I need some’ is a commentary on Harlow’s past relationships or opportunities where he acknowledges he may have messed up. However, he’s not dwelling on past mistakes and is keen on moving forward. The repeated reference to Dua Lipa emphasizes this sentiment where Harlow is focused on bigger and better things (be it fame, success, or relationships).

In the verse, ‘Got a main character, but you could be an extra,’ Harlow is asserting his own importance and stating that anyone who isn’t aligned with his vision might merely play a secondary role in his life story. ‘I told Yeezus that I got a confession’ is a clever nod to Kanye West’s record ‘Confessions,’ suggesting Jack’s ambition to ascend to heights similar to West’s.

Ultimately, “Dua Lipa” sees Jack Harlow cementing his confidence, resilience, and aspiration to reach a level of success parallel to sought-after stars like Dua Lipa. He dismisses the negativity while acknowledging the growth in his career — never forgetting where he came from but always eyeing where he is heading.

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