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Meaning of ‘TIC TOC’ by ‘6ix9ine’ feat. Lil Baby

Released: 2018 • Features: Lil Baby

Breaking down “TIC TOC” by 6ix9ine featuring Lil Baby is like unpacking a trunk full of hip-hop bravado, luxury, and street life, all rolled into one. At its core, the song flaunts success, wealth, and a no-nonsense approach to life and relationships. It’s rich with the language of street sophistication and high living, underlined by a swift dismissal of anyone who doesn’t align with their ethos.

The hook of the song, where 6ix9ine repeats, “Okay, tick tock, Audemars wrist watch / I keep a stick, I keep a big Glock,” is an unabashed celebration of his luxury watch (Audemars Piguet) and his readiness for violence, symbolized by “stick” and “big Glock.” This duality captures the essence of his public persona: wealth and aggression. When he tells someone to “Kick rocks,” it’s a dismissive slang way of saying get lost, emphasizing his lack of patience for anyone causing complications in his life.

The lyrics, “Okay, get rocks, wrist go drip, drop / I do not kiss, you making shit hot,” further detail his flashy lifestyle (“drip, drop” referring to expensive, flashy jewelry) while also expressing his disdain for emotional entanglements or anything that could bring heat or trouble (“making shit hot”). The line “You think I’m dumb, I ain’t no kid” pushes back against any underestimation of his intelligence or savvy.

Lil Baby jumps in, detailing his own escapades and flexing his wealth and exploits with women. “She on my drip drop / She ain’t never went both ways, but I made them lip lock” boasts about his sexual prowess and influence. The reference to “drip drop” also ties back to luxury and excess. When he mentions, “Might as well throw away the key, I got the streets locked,” it’s a claim of dominance in the hip-hop scene and possibly the streets, signifying his grip on the game.

The constant mention of luxury brands and items, like “LV all on her bikini” and “On my feet, you see them CC’s,” is not just a display of wealth but a reinforcement of their status in the hip-hop hierarchy. Each brand drop serves as a symbol of their success and lifestyle. The song is a blend of materialism, sexual conquests, and the trappings of fame, packaged into a track that’s as much about the highs of their lifestyle as it is an assertion of dominance.

Lastly, the song’s intricate weave of high-life braggadocio with the stark realities of street life and relationships showcases the complex narratives often found within hip-hop. “TIC TOC” melds these themes seamlessly, offering a window into a world where wealth, danger, and dismissiveness intertwine.

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