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Meaning of ‘Turn it up’ by ‘PinkPantheress’

Released: 2024

“Turn it up” by PinkPantheress, dives into the emotional ups and downs of a relationship set against the backdrop of a vibrant nightlife. The song touches on themes of longing, excitement, and the bittersweet realization of finding solace in fleeting moments. It’s a mix of euphoria and melancholy, encapsulating the complexity of modern love.

The opening lines “Ay-ay-ay-ay-ya” set a rhythmic, almost hypnotic tone, creating a sense of urgency and excitement. When PinkPantheress sings “Every time I think of you, the DJ hit me right there“, it’s clear that memories of the person are inextricably linked with the music and atmosphere of the club. The line “We shouted, ‘Shake it’” speaks to spontaneous joy and shared moments of fun.

The phrase “99-percent can’t move my waistline” highlights a sense of hesitation or shyness, contrasting with the invitation to “Come sit with me right there, maybe kiss me right there“. She’s not faking her emotions, emphasizing how genuine the connection feels with “A good time with you, that’s what I want tonight“. The call for devotion and letting loose in “Just show your devotion, let yourself do the motions” reveals a desire for authenticity in their interaction.

Despite a dislike for going out, she’s drawn to this person who just got a promotion, as seen in “I hate going out, but you just got the promotion“. This sets the scene at the club where he sings along to look social, to his favorite song, showing a facade of social enjoyment while feeling something deeper. The chorus “Hey, it’s me, we’ve been talking twice a week” suggests regular conversations that build a connection deeper than just casual acquaintances, underscoring the intimacy of their relationship.

The repeating phrase “Ay-ay-ay-ay-ya” and the name “Maria” play a dual role of adding a melodic hook while also calling out to someone who holds significant emotional weight. When she sings, “Every time I think of you, I won’t tell them I met you in the club“, it hints at a secretive or unexpected start to their relationship. The juxtaposition of remembering the song while noting “every word that came out your mouth was wrong” shows a clash between idealized memories and flawed reality.

Throughout the chorus “Hey, it’s me, we’ve been talking twice a week“, there’s a sense of routine and comfort. The closing lines, filled with the name “Maria“, indicate a repetitive, almost haunting presence of this person in her thoughts. It’s a reminder of how significantly someone can impact you even when they’re not always physically present.

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