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Meaning of ‘Type Shit’ by ‘Future’ feat. Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti

Released: 2024 • Features: Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti

“Type Shit” by Future, featuring Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, and Playboi Carti is an audacious exploration of the high-rolling lifestyle the artists lead. It delves into themes of wealth, power, drugs, and sexuality, all centered around an ethos of relentless self-assertion.

Let’s dive deep into the lyrics that paint a picture of an extravagant life, filled with luxury, excess, and carnal pleasures, yet underscored by an undercurrent of danger and violence.

Opening with “I don’t hang with rats, that’s some new type shit / Get a nigga whacked on the news, type shit”, Future carves out his criminal dominance and distaste for disloyalty. The use of “rats” here is a common slang in hip-hop, referring to individuals who betray their friends or allies, typically by turning informant.

When Future flaunts “Atlanta nigga, I live like Ted Turner, type shit”, he’s asserting his stature by comparing himself to Ted Turner, a billionaire media mogul based in Atlanta. This reflects Future’s ambition to rise to the top of the Atlanta scene, which he has arguably achieved.

Travis Scott raises the ante with lines like “Put the Double O in a mood (Mood) / Serotonin, that’s a cool type mix (Cool type mix) / Oxycontin, mix it with balloons (Alright)”, expressing the reckless hedonism of their lifestyle.

The “Double O” referenced here could be an assertion of his status as an uber-cool secret agent, à la James Bond, while the reference to serotonin and Oxycontin refers to the abuse of prescription drugs, a recurring theme in contemporary hip-hop.

Playboi Carti joins the fray with verses like “Feelin’ so high, I’m on the moon, type shit / Kick the slow flow, jitsu, type shit / Relock my dreadlocks, I’m on bool, type shit”. He’s using playfully violent analogies and referencing martial arts (“jitsu” – jiu-jitsu) to emphasize his effortless flow and hard-hitting lyrics.

Finally, Metro Boomin’s crafty sampling and bass-heavy beats pay homage to the gritty streets of Atlanta, reinforcing the track’s overarching theme of raw, unfiltered street dominance.

The line “Sippin’ on drank, Metro”, refers to lean, a popular drug in the hip-hop community made from codeine-based cough syrup, soda, and hard candies.

Overall, “Type Shit” is an unapologetic celebration of the untamed, lavish lifestyle of the artists involved, set against the gritty backdrop of Atlanta’s streets. They demand respect and awe, unafraid of any consequences that come their way.

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