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Meaning of ‘UNA CERVEZA’ by ‘Fuerza Regida’ feat. Manuel Turizo

Released: 2023 • Features: Manuel Turizo

“Una Cerveza” by Fuerza Regida, featuring Manuel Turizo, is a melancholic journey exploring one man’s love lost and his attempts to drown his sorrows. Through the lyrics, the artist paints a vivid picture of heartbreak and longing, captivating the listener with his honest and raw portrayal of emotions.

The song kicks off with the hook, “Una cerveza puede ayudar a que salgas de mi cabeza / No te gustaba el dinero y fue la simpleza / De tus ojitos dormilones al mirar.” It’s clear that the protagonist resorts to alcohol to ‘forget’ his lost love. The sincerity of her love is highlighted as she didn’t care about money and was instead charmed by his simple charm. His yearning for her is particularly accentuated by the line “De tus ojitos dormilones al mirar,” a personal remark on her sleepy eyes, asserting the intimate connection they once had.

The first verse brings in a sense of nostalgia; he reminisces driving with his sweetheart, her leg over his, their stolen kisses along the way. The imagery creates a beautiful and bittersweet vision of their past, hinting at the magical moments that are now just memories.

Fuerza Regida UNA CERVEZA

The artist then proceeds to the chorus, confessing how his routine has completely changed. He’s lost his taste for company and alcohol isn’t amusing anymore. The line, “Estoy manejando y la neta ya no sé pa’ dónde voy” has an existential feel; he’s driving aimlessly, symbolizing his current state of mind—lost and directionless without her.

The bridge brings a jolt as he declares himself “antisocial,” admitting his relationship with her cost him dearly. Yet, he insists on not returning to his former self as it would only lead him to more pain. The line, “Ahora estoy solo, pero con tu recuerdo yo me casé,” hints at his mental state; he may be alone, but her memory is a constant companion, almost like a haunting marital bond.

Several lyrics indicate an apparent struggle, like waking up in the morning longing for her brown eyes, confessing that losing her felt like a failure, dedicating all his drunken moments to her. The line “Lo mejor que yo he tenido, no lo compró mi tarjeta de crédito”, reiterates that the highest joy in life can’t be bought with money, reflecting on their shared intimate moments that money can’t purchase.

Manuel Turizo’s verse kicks in next, revealing a dream of her returning, looking beautiful, acknowledging the warm laughs and silent hugs. The verse manifests a clear desperation and an attempt to cling on to any shred of hope of her return.

The song arc climaxes with the lines, “¿Qué estás haciendo? / ¿Por qué no regresas a mis brazos corriendo? / ¿Dónde quedó lo que dijimos hace tiempo? / Planes de casa, niños y un perro comprar” where the protagonist questions her indifference towards their shared dreams and future plans.

The rest of the song embodies an undulating wave of raw emotions, with the protagonist going back and forth between memories of their shared moments, the changes he’s undergone, and his growing antisocial tendencies due to her absence.

In conclusion, “Una Cerveza” by Fuerza Regida, featuring Manuel Turizo, presents a poignant narrative of love lost, regrets, and an attempt to numb the pain. It draws you in through its raw emotions and sincere lyrics resulting in a holistic auditory experience that resonates with anyone who has experienced heartbreak.

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