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Meaning of the song ‘SABOR FRESA’ by ‘Fuerza Regida’

Released: 2023

“SABOR FRESA” by Fuerza Regida is a vivacious track, chock-full of party vibes, swagger and street lingo. As we disembark on this lyrical exploration, the song presents itself as a vibrant testament to youthful indulgence, with the central themes being the thrill of the party scene, the allure of women, and a brazen nod to their own rise in status within their circles.

The song’s hook sets the tone, with Fuerza Regida dropping lines like “Mesero, traiga champagne” and “Ya me vieron al bailar / Con el paso que cargo logré apantallar”—which translates to “Waiter, bring champagne” and “They’ve seen me dance/ With the step I carry, I managed to impress”. These signal the good times rolling, with champagne flowing and dance moves impressing the ladies. He’s owning the moment, and he’s not afraid to show it off.

The chorus follows suit with the lines “Las morras de calidad / Con una cinturita, les gusta perrear” signaling appreciation for high-quality girls who love to ‘perrear’ – a term specific to reggaeton culture, referring to a dance style with sensual movements. The repeated phrase “Fresa, sabor fresa, quiere bellaquear” quite literally translates to “Strawberry, strawberry flavor, she wants to get naughty,” symbolising the sweet and tantalizing desire that pervades the club scene.

Fuerza Regida SABOR FRESA

Fuerza Regida lets his reputation precede him in lines like “¿Cómo la ve, mi camarada / Si nos vamos pa la albercada?” which, translated to “What do you think, my comrade / If we go to the pool party?” Here, he’s expressing his pleasure with the company of his friends and the high life they’re living, complete with pool parties and expensive clothing—evidenced by “Que se quiten la ropa cara” (“Take off your expensive clothes”).

As the track progresses, Fuerza Regida persists with the narrative of indulgence with lines like “Me gusta andar con la plebada / Puras fresitas operadas” — translating to “I like to hang out with the squad / Pure little strawberries operated.” Here, ‘plebada’ is an insider term referring to a group of friends, while ‘fresitas’ is a colloquial reference to attractive girls, indicating the artist’s preference for beautiful women who’ve possibly had cosmetic enhancements—a controversial statement, no doubt, but candidly reflective of certain ‘beauty norms’ in specific echelons of modern culture.

The lyrics “Aquí no le bajamos, siempre beliquean-do” that repeat throughout the song translate to “We never slow down, always partying”—a testament to Fuerza Regida’s unapologetic enjoyment of the extravagant lifestyle and non-stop partying that comes with fame and success.

Another notable verse “Bendito veneno, me tiene sin sueño” – translating to “Blessed poison, keeps me awake” hints at the artists’ encounters with substances often associated with extravagant parties. But as always, this is a reflection rather than an endorsement – an eye-opening peek into the less glamorous side of the wild party life.

In the latter part of the track, the line “No se me pongan ondeados / Porque no la pienso, ni me tiembla el dedo” translates to “Don’t get waved at me / Because I don’t think about it, nor does my finger tremble”. Here, he’s throwing a warning to his foes, signaling his fearlessness and willingness to defend himself if necessary.

Finally, at the song’s conclusion, Fuerza Regida playfully asks “Where all the babies at, though?” implying the joy he finds in the company of attractive women. It’s a cheeky end note, wrapping up the hedonistic party vibes of the song with a wink and a nod.

To sum up, “SABOR FRESA” by Fuerza Regida is a testament to a lifestyle of excess and indulgence, filled with a blend of catchy party vibes and candid street lingo. It’s the sound of youth in full bloom, reveling in the luxuries, pleasures, and even the perils that come with their newfound status in society. So, here’s to Fuerza Regida – letting loose, living large, and spitting truth directly from the party’s pulsating heart.

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