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Meaning of ‘Unapologetic’ by ‘Polo G’ feat. NLE Choppa

Released: 2021 • Features: NLE Choppa

“Unapologetic” by Polo G featuring NLE Choppa is an unflinching portrayal of the hard-knock realities of the streets, where survival often means flexing strength and never backing down. Both artists use gritty, in-your-face lyrics to paint a vivid picture of their unfettered allegiance to their tough upbringing and unabashed lifestyle.

In the opening verse, Polo G sets the tone, boasting, “Prada steppin’, in your club, we got a lot of weapons“. The term “Prada steppin'” suggests they’re sporting expensive brands, while “we got a lot of weapons” reinforces the narrative of being ready for confrontations. Polo G’s crew, like a marching band, comes prepared, ready to “hit your block and wet it”, a slang for orchestrating a drive-by shooting. The level of raw, brazen audacity is further emphasized with “I’m unapologetic“. There’s no remorse or regret here, only a commitment to the street code they’ve pledged to uphold.

The chorus sees Polo G flaunting his wealth, highlighting a high-end lifestyle that comes with the territory of being a successful hip-hop artist. He references a “brand-new bitch with brand-new tits”, implying a luxurious life filled with physical enhancements and the direct consequence of his found wealth. Yet, the street mentality persists. He won’t “fuck with no set-up bitch”, showing a reluctance to trust easily, a direct result of his upbringing where even personal relationships can have hidden, potentially deadly, agendas.

NLE Choppa takes over the second verse, delving further into the harsh reality of street violence, and the paradox that even while enjoying newfound success, the shadow of their past life still looms. The lyrics “Deep textin’ and decoys to the hood, we servin’ certain fiends” show the clandestine tactics used in dealing drugs while “Out the window, dreads shakin’, trappin’, duckin’ fed cases” paints a picture of the constant threat of incarceration. This verse is a testament to the precarious balance of their past and present lives.

“Unapologetic” is a candid exploration of the artist’s resilience in the face of hardship, consistently defiant in the face of adversity. It also underscores the tension between flaunting success and leveraging past experiences as resolute reminders of their resilience and indefatigable determination.

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