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Meaning of ‘We Don’t Trust You’ by ‘Future’ feat. Metro Boomin

Released: 2024

Features: Metro Boomin

“We Don’t Trust You” by Future and Metro Boomin speaks to the struggle of trust in an environment filled with deceit and malevolence. The song highlights the importance of loyalty, simultaneously addressing the pain of betrayal and the harsh realities of the music industry and street life.

Future opens the track with the chorus: “Fake written all over you / Hate written all over you.” Here, Future aggressively calls out the phoniness and hatred he perceives in people around him. The line associates an almost visual element to deception, painting a vivid image of dishonesty seeping through an individual’s veneer. He follows with a reverberating chorus of “We don’t trust you”, emphasizing the depth of his distrust, the ‘we’ indicating that this sentiment is not just his, but shared among his crew and in his community.

The time he spent in the cold represents moments of adversity and hardships, where he had to stick to the code of the streets while struggling. The mention of “Woodgrain Cartier” and “higher than Beverly Hills” is a nod to his rise from the streets to the pinnacle of success. However, he is always vigilant; his weapon is always within reach – “Get it tripping, all you gone see is shells / If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gone shoot you”, referring to his readiness to protect himself and his circle.

The second verse shifts focus to those who act as friends in public but betray in private: “You a n!gga number one fan, dog / Sneak dissing, I don’t understand, dog.” Here, Future exposes the insincerity of individuals in his life, highlighting the hypocrisy implicit in their actions. He also dissociates himself from those who don’t respect women – “Like a real dog, I don’t mutt hoes”, implying he treats women with respect, unlike those he criticizes.

Lastly, Future uses the hook to underline his soaring financial status “Flash a couple M’s on my chest” while laying bare his street-smart persona “Death before dishonor, no confess”. He juxtaposes his wealth and success with a tough, street-wise mentality, stressing he hasn’t lost touch with his roots, touting his loyalty and adherence to the code of the streets. He signs off with the catchy, ominous tagline, “If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gone shoot you”, spotlighting the critical importance of trust in their world.

In conclusion, “We Don’t Trust You” is a stark representation of Future’s experiences, as he navigates the treacherous underbelly of the music industry and street life, emphasising his values of loyalty, authenticity and unyielding survival instinct.

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