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Meaning of ‘Where Ya At’ by ‘Future’ feat. Drake

Released: 2015 • Features: Drake

In “Where Ya At”, Future teams up with OVO head honcho Drake, to drop a hard-hitting reflection of their come-up stories. In the midst of heavy trap beats, they question the loyalty and presence of those who are now a part of their success, but were missing during their struggle. It’s an expose of the fair-weather friendships that can accompany fame and success.

Takin’ the mic first, Future sets the tone with a consistent drill: “Where your ass was at, dog…?”. This line, repeated with variations, challenges those who only associated with him after he tasted success. Future speaks to his early days, when he was “serving piles”, a reference to dealing drugs. He’s interrogating the absence of those who now claim to be with him.

Future progresses, spittin’ about his rise and the lack of loyalty he noticed. Lines like “When I was in the Pyrex?” or “when I was drinking Hi-Tech?” reference his past in the drug game and lean (codeine) consumption, respectively. His lyrics reveal truth – the missing support during his hustle, the faux friends who emerge when success is attained. “Put a pic with me on the gram now you popping” is a potent line speaking to those who exploit his stature for their gain.

Drake steps in, serving a verse that resonates with Future’s sentiments. He queries about the whereabouts of these folks when he and his crew “took the city over”. Drake’s assertive when he says “Now your ass around because we’re paying back dues,” pointing at those who show up once the hard work has paid off. Drake’s verse ends with him declaring his independence – “I’m self-made, selfish with my women, self-employed” and flexing his wealth and power – “I’ll buy the neighbors house if they complain about the noise”.

The final verses from Future hold solid to the theme – he ain’t gonna forget where he came from, nor will he forget those who weren’t there, but now claim a slice of his glory. There’s palpable anger in lines like “Heard that nigga came through squeezing on a ratchet,” referring to those who turned against him.

Through “Where Ya At”, Future and Drake bring to light a harsh reality of fame – transient friends and users. They even the score by asking those reapin’ the benefits – where were you when they needed you the most? This track recreates their struggle-to-success journey, serving as a reminder that they haven’t forgotten their roots nor the hardships, despite the fame.

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