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Meaning of ‘Wolves’ by ‘Big Sean’ feat. Post Malone

Released: 2020

Features: Post Malone

Big Sean and Post Malone vibe together on “Wolves,” a gritty track where they reflect on their struggles, loyalty, and resilience. Using wolf-pack dynamics as a metaphor, they depict their journey from humble beginnings to stardom, highlighting their survival instincts and the perilous world they navigated.

When Sean says “I was raised by the wolves, ate ’til they full (I was raised by)”, he basically equates his upbringing to being raised in a wolf pack. In the harsh, survival-of-the-fittest world that Sean paints with this line, loyalty and toughness are stressed. The track’s refrain taps into the primal, dog-eat-dog underbelly of life, similar to how a wolf pack operates in the wild. To eat until full symbolizes Sean’s relentless hunger for success and the satisfaction from his achievements.

“I got loyalty in blood, I do anything for love, and everything for us” emphasizes the strong bonds Sean has formed much like a wolf pack, indicating a readiness to risk everything for those he holds dear. When he mentions “last second, what a rush,” it suggests his enjoyment of the adrenaline rush of pressure moments.

Sean brings a deeper and darker tone to the track with “These ain’t tattoos, these are scars,” indicating that his perceived ‘decorations’ are instead reminders of past struggles and experiences. The line “do ’bout a charge” connects the ruthlessness of street life with the dangers of the wild, and “can’t break a commitment” pivots back to the importance of loyalty in his life.

When Sean talks about “trying to steal, you get bit”, it’s a return to the wolf metaphor, reminding listeners that disloyalty or trying to take advantage of the pack will have consequences.

Post Malone comes in with a similar vibe, stressing the ‘family’ aspect of the pack, and the dichotomy of the music industry with “It’s a cold, cold world and you can be predator, you can be prey.” The chilling line, “You said you’d die for me, well, there’s the ground,” is a call to loyalty, reminding listeners of the deadly serious nature of the commitments they make.

Throughout “Wolves,” the recurring line “Go against the pack, that’s risking your life,” emphasizes that defying the group or betraying trust can lead to disastrous consequences. The wolf-pack imagery continues as a representation of their tightly-knit crew, emphasizing again that loyalty and collaboration are key while individualistic or selfish behavior could lead to the ‘death’ of the group.

The wolf-pack metaphor in “Wolves” transcends the usual ‘me-against-the-world’ narrative often echoed in hip-hop tracks. Rather, it depicts a communal struggle, a shared journey where loyalty, tenacity, and cohesion are key to survival and success. It’s a testament to the power of unity and resilience in the face of hardship.

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