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Meaning of ‘Wonderful’ by ‘Ja Rule’ feat. R. Kelly, Ashanti

Released: 2004 • Features: R. Kelly, Ashanti

“Wonderful” by Ja Rule, featuring R. Kelly and Ashanti, is a lyrical exploration of how fame, fortune, and materialism can affect relationships. At its core, this song addresses the age-old question: would you still love me if I was penniless? Furthermore, it discusses the high life, the trials and tribulations and the influence of the hip-hop world on relationships and one’s view on love.

The song kicks off with Ja Rule contemplating how the glitz and glamour of his lifestyle might’ve influenced his love life. The phrase “If it wasn’t for the money, cars and movie stars, and jewels… Would you still want me?” sets the tone, El Jefe is questioning if the affection he gets is genuine or just attached to his wealth and fame.

He acknowledges the game, saying “Pimpin’ ain’t easy, trust me I know,” highlighting the perils and challenges that come with the lifestyle, especially when dealing with women. Words like ‘chinchilla’ and ‘cheddar’ give that lavish character to the whole scene. The “East and West wing” of his crib just emphasizes his financial stature.

Ja Rule shows his vulnerability expressing that power of ‘P-U-S-S-Y’ can often make men, not just him, succumb and feel the need to maintain the cash flow. He points that without his riches, he might not be as desirable – “If it wasn’t for the money and the things I got, shit, she probably wouldn’t like me”.

Progressing into his rise to fame with “How many girls does it take to get to Mack status,” Ja Rule takes us from his humble beginnings (‘coming from the dirt’) to his elevated status in hip-hop. He’s living a dream, but even this dream has its downsides – he’s had his share of trials and tribulations, evident from “Look at you like fuck you, All the shit I been through…”

The verse “I wonder why love is about money, and why you wanna take it all from me…” echoes the theme of mistrust and skepticism that runs throughout the song. The iconic phrase “Life’s a pussy buffet” simply implies the accessibility and abundance of women due to his elevated status.

In the latter part of the song, he reiterates his hustling background and emphasizes his street smarts through references to “cases” and “lawyers,” reinforcing his resilience and toughness, saying “Niggas couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes”.

In total, “Wonderful” mirrors the complexity of fame and love in the hip-hop culture from Ja Rule’s perspective. Do they love the man, or are they just in love with the lifestyle his fame brings? Bottom line, it’s a testament that love in the hip-hop high life comes with a lot of baggage, blurred lines, and heartbreaking wonder.

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