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Meaning of ‘WOW’ by ‘Kid Cudi’ feat. A$AP Rocky

Released: 2024

“WOW” by Kid Cudi, featuring A$AP Rocky is an exuberant anthem of self-assertion and life-affirming celebration. The two titans of the hip-hop landscape join forces to craft an audacious, infectious track, brimming with references to their high-flying lifestyles, evolution as artists, and their encounters with love, fame, and the demons they’ve battled along the way.

The track opens with Cudi declaring, “Wow, I must say, life is amazing these days” setting the stage for the song’s overall theme of self-transformation and appreciation of the present moment. The recurrent hook, “Wow, wow, wow”, is a captivating pronouncement of their awe-inspiring way of life, suggesting they’ve reached a point where their experiences seem unreal, exceeding their own expectations.

The line, “Never care, she look and she impressed” carries an undercurrent of nonchalance and allure, conveying the artists’ irresistible charm and the magnetism they wield in their interactions with women. Their repeated use of the phrase “Wow, boy, wow”, implies that their amorous encounters leave their companions astounded, further underscoring their success in both their careers and personal exploits.

Kid Cudi WOW (with A$AP Rocky)

As the song progresses, Kid Cudi delves into deeper themes with lines like, “Finally found my peace, the demon ceased to haunt me all night long.” Here, he offers a candid reflection on his struggles with mental health and addiction, hinting that he’s reached a moment of reconciliation with his internal demons and entered a state of tranquility.

A$AP Rocky’s verse is saturated with braggadocious highlights like, “Got it extended in my jeans” and “That girl call me Big Drip”, where he boasts about his sexual prowess and his high status in the hip-hop community. His mention of “Dickies”, a popular streetwear brand, and “Goyard”, a high-end French boutique, reflects his duality as a man from the streets who has ascended to the upper echelons of fame and luxury.

The final segment of “WOW” takes a reflective turn as Cudi grapples with existential contemplations, suggesting a maturation beyond materialistic satisfactions: “And I’m sittin’ while I roll one, furthermore. Realest nigga in the cold, watch me surfin'”. Much like his previous battles with inner demons, he reaffirms his resilience and unwavering spirit amidst adversity.

In the end, “WOW” serves as a testament to Kid Cudi and A$AP Rocky’s journey thus far. Through their tribulations and triumphs, they showcase a world where the spectacle of success is intertwined with reflective insights, reinforcing their status as seasoned hip-hop veterans who continue to redefine their art form.

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