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Meaning of ‘Young Metro’ by ‘Future’ feat. Metro Boomin, The Weeknd

Released: 2024

Features: Metro Boomin, The Weeknd

Aight, let’s get it. “Young Metro” by Future, featuring Metro Boomin and The Weeknd is an ode to the hustle, the grind, and the success that comes with it. It’s a tale of coming up from nothing, staking a claim in the game, and swearing allegiance to the street life that shaped these artists.

Bet, let’s break it down. The song opens with a repetitive “Yeah, yeah, Young Metro, Young Metro, Young Metro,” a shout-out to producer Metro Boomin, one of the key architects of Future’s sound and a big name in the trap scene. This repetition sets a hypnotic tone, drawing us into their world, prepping us for the story to unfold.

Moving on to the first verse, Future showcases his bravado with lines like “Evel Knievel, Pluto told his heaters, ‘Leave nigga in the freezer.'” This is typical Future bravado – he’s as daring as Evel Knievel, and just as cold-hearted. When he says, “I’m big as a Beatle,” it’s a nod to his widespread fame and success, comparing himself to arguably the biggest band ever.

The chorus, “I been drowning/I been tryin’/I been low/All alone” echoes the struggles Future faced on his come-up. Despite the braggadocio in his verses, this vulnerability shows the flip-side of his journey. It’s not all glitz and glam; there’s a deep struggle that comes with the hustle.

The second verse continues in the same vein as the first, showcasing Future’s hustle and the lifestyle he now leads. References to serving ‘Phetamine (methamphetamine) hint at his past in drug dealing, while “Goin’ Richard Mille for the whole team” shows the wealth he now enjoys. When he says, “You lil’ niggas, I take you to church,” it reframes his role as not just a successful rapper, but a teacher schooling the younger generation.

By the end of the song, Future is reinforcing his status and success, repeating lines like “I’m big as a Beatle” and “Put dope in one liters, more stripes than Adidas.” The repetition drives home his point, underlining his dominance in the game and his journey from the bottom to the top.

Throughout “Young Metro,” Future uses his lyrics to weave a narrative of his rise to success. It’s a celebration of the hustle required to make it out of the hood, all while paying homage to the street life and the game that got him there.

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