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The 15 Greatest Method Man Guest Verses of All Time

When you’re talking about ranking MCs based on factors like voice, charisma, flow and delivery, then Method Man deserves to be in the very top spots of the greatest rappers of all time.

While his solo catalogue leaves much to be desired for a rapper of his tremendous talent – case in point: Tical is his best album and even that is miles behind Liquid Swords, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… and Supreme Clientele – Johnny Blaze has more than made it up for it with his guest appearances and spots on Wu albums.

Even though, Meth’s name doesn’t get brought up in the greatest guest rappers conversation as regularly, as say, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne or Andre 3000, whenever rap fans see his name on a features list, you know you’re guaranteed a smoker.

From the 2Pac posse cut “Got My Mind Made Up” to jumping on Mobb Deep’s “Extortion” to verbal sparring with Big on “The What,” let’s take a look at the 15 greatest Method Man guest verses of all time.

15. DMX ft. Ja Rule, Method Man & Nas – “Grand Finale”

Album: Belly (soundtrack)

Released: October 27, 1998

Producer: Irv Gotti, Lil’ Rob

Watch them young guns that take none
Nobody's safe from the Friday the 13th, ghetto Jason
Itchy trigger finger aching
Snatch your ass out that S-Class for faking
.44 blast, it's a bloodbath
Take your first step down a thug path
Ain't no love here, just slugs here
Kids know the half, you get plugged here
That's just impossible
For the weak to last, now behold the unstoppable
Third eye watching you, watching me
Throwing rocks from the penalty box, cop a plea
Young G, we was born to die, don't cry for me
Just keep the heat closely and ride for me
'Cause we family, for better or worse
You and I from the dirt
Used to snatch purses
So hard, it hurt to be here
And each year, I'm pouring out more beer
For deceased peers, holding fort
Police line, do not cross
They found his corpse in the loft
With the head cut off and butt naked
Homicide the crime method
Add another killer verse to the murder record
The grand finale

14. Pete Rock ft. Method Man – “Half Man, Half Amazin'”

Album: Soul Survivor

Released: November 10, 1998

Producer: Pete Rock

Style blazin', Iron Lung on this collaboration
Money for the takin', I ain't sweatin' confrontation
With P.R.-ah, we be's the mens of tomorrow
Master, license to kill, bringin' the horror
To ya house like, Amityville, keepin' it more than real
Niggas ain't supposed to feel, hot Nicks, ya know the deal
If you read the résumé, gives a fuck what niggas say?
Timb boots to pave the way, here I come to save the day
Yes, stop the fuckin' press, transform to Mister Meth
See that logo on my chest, save a damsel in distress
Hot shit in the song, gotta get until it's gone
Kids wanna get it on, get smacked up and shit upon
Right 'til ya prove me wrong, think you can do me, huh?
Can't we all just get along in this modern Babylon?
Duelin' with my nemesis, layin' down laws
Don't start if you can't finish it, I'm tellin' you, Pah!
Got the power of a meteor shower, comin' down on all ya cowards Trickin' ya funds and sniffin' powders
Here we come, straight from the slums, dynamic duo, son
Ghost Rider Jonathan and Soul Brother #1

13. Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon, Method Man & Joi Starr – “Yolanda’s House”

Album: The Big Doe Rehab

Released: December 4, 2007

Producer: Anthony “Ant-Live” Singleton

...and let me put my drawers on, nigga what kinda dope you on?
Shoulda knocked before you came in the spot, Ghost you wrong
Bustin' in here on that government shit
Got this chick screamin' grabbin the sheets tryin' to cover her tits
She's asthmatic and you laughin' son
I bump my toe on the nightstand just runnin tryna grab the gun
'Cause shit's real man, you spazzin' dun
There comes a time in a man's life, he gotta toss his pack and run
You know we family like Crack and Pun
But Mr. GFK, state your business after that, be one
Now can it be that you hot, lord?
You did some shit on the block that the cops tryna lock you for?
Can't believe you blowin' the spot, lord
My chick is buggin', she trippin'
My dick keep slippin' out my boxer drawers
Now I'm caught up in the drug sting
Niggas is callin' my horn, police is hittin' every corner we on
Can't understand it, it's a thug thing
And in the middle of thought, I'm interrupted by Shallah Raekwon

12. JID ft. Method Man & Joey Badass – “Hot Box”

Album: DiCaprio 2

Released: November 26, 2018

Producer: Skhye Hutch, Zorro

Ayy, look
Light a booger up, wedgie in the butt, yep, we pulling up
My cup runneth over, theirs ain't full enough
They bad but that ain't good enough
They mad 'cause they ain't half of what I'm cookin' up
Taraji out in line, giving cookies up
Plug in my supply, need a jumper cable, why?
Gon' hook me up, the devil is a lie (Lie)
Who won't shush me up, I heard he got that fire
Gon' kush me up, I'm gone
Push me up, mister how high, that I can kiss the sky
Gon' look me up
She pushing up her bra, like cookies looking kushy in the jar
Told her book me, hit the nookie up tomorrow
See police be tryna book me 'cause they put me in Segal
You's a rookie, I'ma boogie 'fore you put me in the car
I got beef with my connect, I'm vexed
'Cause you see his THC is not correct, I think he should not collect
Not upset, I ain't trippin', what, he pitchin' out his best
Should be glad my hand is gripped around his spliff and not his neck, yes
This not a bogie, you already know the smell
Not that codeine, I heard that lean is deadly for your health
If you know me, then know that I already got some L's
Of some OG, so you can smoke that Reggie by yourself

11. Pharoahe Monch ft. Lady Luck, Method Man & Redman, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Busta Rhymes – “Simon Says (Remix)”

Album: Internal Affairs

Released: October 19, 1999

Producer: Lee Stone, Pharoahe Monch

Yo, yo, get the fuck up
Yo, yeah, I said it, "Get the fuck up"
Walk through Shaolin after dark, you get stuck up
Seek and destroy, baddest boy when I'm puffed up
You know my name and Pharoahe Monch, why we came, what?
We off the chain, plus we plotting on the game, what?
Know your role, by the way, tuck your gold
And you and your mic can ease on down the road
Assholes are like opinions, everybody got to have one
Shooting in the sky trying to blast sun
Zero to sixty in a second, pull a fast one
Fifty cent flashin', they hate us with a passion
Mashin', still fresh in three-day old fashion
You're plaid, I'm stripes, together we be clashin'
Here's a Tunnel banger
Wu-Tang death penalty, the gas chamber
This gon' hurt me more than it hurts you
Slap you like the doctor the day your momma birthed you
Just so you can feel me the same way I'ma feel this world when it kill me
Even if time stands still, I'mma still be
Underground and filthy, gotta have our way like the Milky
Innocent until I'm proven guilty
Never got caught in the game of tag
Momma never kept a boyfriend with kids this bad
No justice, raider ruckus
Underground 'til we under ground
But y'all first, motherfuckers

10. 2Pac ft. Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Redman & Method Man – “Got My Mind Made Up”

Album: All Eyez on Me

Released: February 13, 1996

Producer: Daz Dillinger

Fuck you losers
While you fake jacks, I make maneuvers
Like Hitler stickin' up **** with German ****
The mister Meth-Tical from Staten Isle
Will be back after this message, don't touch the dial (Yeah)
Rarely do you see an MC out for justice
Got my gun powder and my musket, blaow
Melons get swellings, I paint mental pictures like Magellan
Half of my clans repeat felons
Niggas best protect they joints for nine-nickels
Man, I stay on point like icicles
Now, who wanna test Tical, then tes-ticles
All up in your motherfuckin' mouth
Headbanger boogie, catch me on tour with Al Doogie
Method Man rolled too tight, you can't pull me
Better take one and pass or that's that ass
Your vital statistics are low and fallin' fast
Johnny Blaze out to get loot like Johnny Cash
Play a game of Russian Roulette and have a blast

9. Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon & Method Man – “Box in Hand”

Album: Ironman

Released: October 29, 1996

Producer: RZA

Rest your headpiece on this one son, cough up a lung
Sleeping on my murderous type ones'lI get you done
I'm looking at these cutthroat kids and how they live
It's like we was partners in spades and you renege
Can't fuck with no nigga like that, he get me jack
Or sent back, meaning whole life fade to black
Whole 7 and a half, up right and roll tight
Fool me once but can't fool me twice, I'm 25
To life on this mic device I'm nothing nice
A mixture of long wild rice and Old Spice
Inflicted, rap addicted, track I stick it
Flip it, daddy long dick it, slide
A little bit beyond twisted, mind in stitches
You thought weak but meant wicked
Niggas choke off my secondhand smoke, lifted
Everyday is like my birthday I'm mad gifted, dead calm
Hit me with the 18 Bronze/Buddha Palm
About to blow like Napalm, go for your arm
Prepare for the warfare or buy a share
Oh what the fuck we dealing with, yeah
Johnny about to go there, need another year
Bust a shot for my sons that didn't make it here

8. Mobb Deep ft. Method Man – “Extortion”

Album: Hell on Earth

Released: November 19, 1996

Producer: Havoc

I blaze your britches, P.L.O. extortion, you forcin'
The hand that rocks the cradle, caution before you enter
This Shaolin representer
Carry thirty-six deadly shits, you fuckin' with top contenders
Official to the bone gristle
It don't matter if you bust rhymes or bust pistols
Remember me? Burn a nigga to a third degree
Don't act familiar, motherfuckers, you ain't heard of me
Just peep the stee' and the rap how it's supposed to be
Tap the pockets, bag the goods like a grocery, we food shoppin'
On top of that we hip-hoppin', and don't stoppin'
Out-of-state drawers droppin', the panty raiders
Slide on ya like gators
Dug that stank bitch back out and then played her (Bitch)
But that ain't nothin'
Crossin' this dog walkin', native New Yorkin'
Shaolin' slang talkin', rap nigga
Mr. Freeze, crowd shiver, what?
Young, Black and don't give a fuck
If the next crew get the scissor
Extortion (Give me mine)
Extortion (Give me mine)
Give that up, kid, extortion
Bottom line, what the fuck you wanna do?
You eyin' me at the same time I'm eyin' you, punk
Wanna pop the most junk
Be the same motherfucker with the most lumps
Chew on that shit

7. Ol’ Dirty Bastard ft. Method Man & Raekwon – “Raw Hide”

Album: Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version

Released: March 28, 1995

Producer: RZA

Comin' soon to a theatre near you, it be the Wu
Yeah, find yourself in the square and see it's true
Actual facts to snack on and chew
My positive energy sounds peace to you
A wise man killed one horse and made glue
Wicked women puttin' period blood in stew
Don't that make the stew witches brew?
I fear for the eighty-five that don't got a clue
How could he know what the fuck he never knew?
God-Cypher-Divine come to show and come to prove
A mystery god that's the work of Yacub
The Holy Ghost got you scared to death, kid, BOO!

6. LL Cool J ft. Method Man, Redman, Canibus, Master P & DMX – “4, 3, 2, 1”

Album: Phenomenon

Released: December 9, 1997

Producer: Erick Sermon

Playing my position, hot Nick, son
This one, for all the sick ones, infliction
Poisonous darts sickenin', best believe
Finger itchin' with two broke legs, now I'm trippin'
On MC's cliche, shot that ricochets
Start trouble, bust bubbles, hip to wicked ways
Gotta love me, G-O-D, no one above me
Look good but fuck ugly
Tap your jaw from my Punch Buggy sonning you
Got you shittin' in your last Huggie, running who?
Fuckin' punk, get a speed bump coming through
A single shot make yo' meat lump, respect Wu

5. Raekwon ft. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah & Method Man – “House of Flying Daggers”

Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II

Released: August 26, 2009

Producer: J Dilla

Man, y'all niggas ain't shit to us, still a pistol bust
Split your melon like I split the Dutch (Yeah)
Got a lot of piff to puff, and I ain't come for fisticuffs (Pffff)
Or for the cop that wanna clip the cuffs
Man, is Staten in this bitch or what? Don't get it twisted, we...
Twist it up and even mix with dust
See, these fans can't resist the rush, they Wu-Tang for life
Scarred for life, they can't forget the cuts
Got a whole line of classic joints and while you at it, pass the joint
Let's push this music past the point...
Of no return, til it crash and burn, down the ashes
Then placed inside Ol' Dirty Bastard's urn
When it's my time to go, for sure, your nigga goes to war
What you think I brought these soldiers for?
To send shots like forget-me-nots at any nigga
Respect, bitch, that figure they gon' get me got

4. Conway the Machine ft. Method Man – “Lemon”

Album: From King to a God

Released: July 10, 2020

Producer: Beat Butcha, Daringer

Capone-N-Noreaga, watchin' CNN
Black whip, black tint, y'all ain't seein' in
It's Con' and Meth', spread the word, boy, it's C and M
No seein' 'em, these rappers in the scope, you'll never see an M
Killa Bees back in the building with Machine and 'em (Uh huh)
We creamin' 'em with pockets of dirty money, I'm clean again
Ain't gotta tell you I'm dope, just stick the needle in
The goose is Off-White, big enough to fit this Eagle in
Tis' the season then, why ask why? I has my reasons, and
My birds don't need no seasonin', Meth' ODin' this evening
Now ask yourself, is that really air that you breathin' in? (Ah)
I think outside the box, then I find a box I can keep 'em in
Or just leave it then, like the bouncer, won't let your people in
People said they want that old Meth', well, this the prequel then
I get medieval, some people won't make the prequel then (Ah)
Leave 'em in the fetal position, F it, I'm leavin' them
I use the system, you cowards use euphemisms (Uh-huh)
Women call me Super Daddy, my powers is super vision, who
Gave you permission to speak? To learn, you listen
Learn to listen to a different MC, you'll learn the difference
In addition, if you miss an MC, sign this petition
Get a fraction of that faction, subtract it by my division, uh
I'm a boss, so that means I make decisions
Slash dealin', I will kill an MC to make a livin', yeah

3. Raekwon ft. Method Man, RZA, Masta Killa & Ghostface Killah – “Wu-Gambinos”

Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…

Released: August 1, 1995

Producer: RZA

Scriptures hit the body like sawed-off shotty
Like my hair knotty and my nosepiece snotty
Fuck a nigga hottie, that ho pussy probably
Burn like the deserts of Mogabi, for real
Ain't nothing fraudulent here, we pioneer
Commandeer a new frontier, this be the Wu, yeah
36 Chambers of fear, huh, you lost it
Information leaking out your faucets, hmm
Time to forfeit your crown and leave the grounds
There's a new sheriff in town holding it down
It's the two holster, six-shot smoker
Wanted dead or alive, bounty on the poster
Wild in the West, a student of my culture
And life is the test, hold up
Let a nigga catch his breath
I'm still paying dues and the last one is death
Back to the essence with that shit you stressing
This rap profession
Now peep Tical, the son of the Shaolin
Isle, bless my style, criminology pays
The last times and days, Johnny fucking Blaze

2. The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Method Man – “The What”

Album: Ready to Die

Released: September 13, 1994

Producer: Easy Mo Bee

M-E-T-H-O-D Man, here I am
I'll be damned if this ain't some shit
Come to spread the butter lyrics over hominy grit
It's the low killer death trap, yes I'm a jet-black ninja
Coming where you rest at, surrender
Step inside the ring, you's the number one contender
Looking cold-booty like your pussy in December
Nigga, stop bitching, button up your lip and
From Method all you getting is a can of ass-whipping
Hey, I'll be kicking you son, you doing all the yapping
Acting as if it can't happen
Your frontin' got me mad enough to touch something
Yo, I'm from Shaolin Island and ain't afraid to bust something
So what you want nigga? You won't nigga
I got a 6-shooter and a horse named Trigger
It's real, '94 rugged-raw
Kickin' down your goddamn door
And it goes a little something like this

1. GZA ft. Method Man – “Shadowboxin'”

Album: Liquid Swords

Released: November 7, 1995

Producer: RZA

I breaks it down to the bone gristle
Ill speakin' scud missile, heat-seekin'
Johnny Blazin', nightmares like Wes Craven
Niggas gunnin', my third eye seen it comin' before it happened
You know about them fuckin' Staten kids, they smashin'
Everything, huh, in any shape form or fashion
Now everybody talkin' 'bout they blastin', hmm
Is you bustin' steel or is you flashin'? Hmm
Talkin' out yo' asshole
You should have learnt about the flow and peasy Afro
Ticallion stallion, the chinky-eye and snot-nosed
From my naps to the bunion on my big toe
I keeps it movin', know just what the fuck I'm doin'
Rap insomniac, fiend to catch a nigga snoozin'
Slip the cardiac, arrest me, exorcist hip-hop possess me
Crunch a nigga like a Nestle, you know my steez
Burnin' to the third degree
Sneaky ass alley cat, top pedigree
The head toucher, industry party bum rusher
You don't like it? Dick up in you, fuck ya
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