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The Best of MC Eiht’s Solo Hits

Known for his deep, baritone voice and vivid storytelling, MC Eiht has been a defining figure of the gangsta rap genre. His solo work, peppered with collaborations featuring some of the most iconic names in hip-hop, showcases a range of themes from the gritty realities of street life to reflections on personal growth and resilience. Artists like Spice 1, Compton’s Most Wanted, and DJ Premier have all laid down tracks with Eiht, bringing unique flavors to his already rich discography. These collaborations have not only solidified his place in hip-hop history but also highlighted his versatility as an artist. Through tales of struggle, survival, and success, MC Eiht’s solo tracks stand out as monuments of the genre, embodying the soul and spirit of Compton.

So let’s get into it. From “Straight Up Menace” to “Whut U Really On”, here are the best of MC Eiht’s solo hits.

1 Straight Up Menace


Released: 2010

The song, featured prominently in the soundtrack of the film “Menace II Society,” captures the essence of youth ensnared in a cycle of violence and despair. MC Eiht’s storytelling prowess is on full display, weaving a tale of personal tragedy and societal failures. A standout line, “A fucked up childhood, is why the way I am, It’s got me in the state where I don’t give a damn, hmm,” poignantly encapsulates the core theme of the track – the profound impact of one’s environment on their path in life. Through his vivid lyrics, MC Eiht not only narrates his persona’s descent but also critiques the systemic issues that perpetuate such cycles of violence.

2 Thicker Than Water


Released: 1999

Through a raw narrative, MC Eiht recounts the perils of street life, family abandonment, and the quest for belonging. The track stands out for its unapologetic honesty and the loyalty theme that runs deeper than blood relations. A standout line, “If you keep your hood tight, everything’s gonna be alright”, encapsulates the song’s essence, highlighting the importance of community and solidarity in the face of adversity. MC Eiht’s storytelling prowess and commitment to authentic representation of Compton life make this track a memorable piece in his discography.

3 Streiht up Menace


Released: 2000

MC Eiht doesn’t just rap; he narrates a chilling tale of life and death in the hood, making it clear that sometimes the only role models are the ones leading you down a treacherous path. The standout line, “A fucked up childhood, is why the way I am; It’s got me in the state where I don’t give a damn, hmm”, encapsulates the resignation and hardened acceptance of a life predestined by the circumstances of one’s upbringing. MC Eiht’s storytelling prowess transforms this track into a somber reflection on the consequences of systemic failure.

4 Late Night Hype Part 2


Released: 1995

Painting a vivid picture of the desperate lengths people go to in order to secure their slice of success, wrapped in the gritty reality of Compton’s streets. His lyrics, “Mentality’s do or die, Hollow points hit the chair as the feathers fly,” hit hard, embodying the life-or-death stakes that define his world. This track is a stark reflection on the socio-economic struggles that fuel the hustle, making it a raw anthem for those caught in the cycle.

5 Dayz Of 89′


Released: 1999

The track is a vivid narrative that paints a picture of trying to survive and thrive amidst systemic challenges and personal battles. It’s unapologetically real, with MC Eiht laying bare the harsh truths of his surroundings. A standout line that hits hard is, “Young nigga with dreams of schemes for the cash / But then awaken to the sounds of late nite gun blasts”, highlighting the jarring contrast between aspirations and the violent environment that threatens those very dreams.

6 Growin’ Up in the Hood


Released: 2010

7 What U Wanna Do


Released: 2023

8 Thuggin It Up


Released: 1995

9 Ain’t Nuthin’ To It


Released: 1995

MC Eiht’s delivery is both a cautionary tale and a badge of honor, painting a vivid picture of the relentless pursuit of money, respect, and territory in the hood, without glorifying the struggles but acknowledging them as a matter of fact.

10 Bluue Wave


Released: 2020

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