35 Best Rappers Right Now 2020s Lil Baby
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Featuring the raw, politically charged rhymes of the golden age to the melodic, genre-bending sounds of today, we cover the most impactful and influential rappers from the ’80s to the 2020s.

Lloyd Banks

Best Rappers Right Now

We’re tracking the most streamed hip hop artists on the daily to give you a look into who’s really getting the ears of the masses. If you ask 10 hip hop heads who their “Top 5” is you’ll…
Top 10 Best Royce Da 59 Guest Verses Of All Time

Top 50 Best 2010s Rappers

When the calendar flipped to 2010, rap music was gearing up to swerve into new lanes and embrace a plethora of emerging voices. It was a defining decade that further cemented the rap game’s place as a cultural…
30 Best Rappers Of The 2000s Ja Rule

Top 50 Best 2000s Rappers

The 2000s was a tumultuous time for the rap game. The new decade started with the kings like DMX, Eminem and Jay-Z all staking their claim to the crown. The underground vs. commercial divide, which began in the…
50 Greatest Hip Hop Producers Of All Time Rza

Top 50 Best ’90s Rappers

The 1990s, hip-hop’s golden age, exploded with talent. The West Coast had G-funk, the East Coast its boom-bap, and the South found its voice. Lauryn Hill fused rap with soul, Jay-Z hustled his way to lyrical legend, and…