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The Best Alabama Rappers Right Now

When we talk about the hip hop scene, it’s easy to get lost in the mentions of major city powerhouses like Atlanta, New York, or LA. But let’s pivot the spotlight to a state that’s been quietly cooking up some of the most potent talents in the game: Alabama. Yes, the state of Alabama. Alabama’s rich musical legacy, deeply rooted in blues and made vibrant by big named rappers like Doe B, has found a new expression in hip-hop, with artists from cities like Mobile and Montgomery leading the charge.

The southern state has become a fertile ground for rappers who bring fresh narratives, unique sounds, and an undeniable hunger to the table. From the melodic genius of Yung Bleu to the fierce bars of Flo Milli, Alabama’s roster is brimming with artists ready to leave their mark on the global stage.

So let’s get into the crème de la crème of Alabama’s hip hop scene, showcasing the top talents who are reshaping the contours of the genre.

Yung Bleu


At the pinnacle of Alabama’s hip hop scene, Yung Bleu stands tall as one of the best rappers in the game with several billboard rankings and has been nominated for best new artist several times over. His melodic genius and international acclaim mark him as not just Alabama’s top rapper but a global music sensation. His tracks transcend regional boundaries, making him a true ambassador of Alabama hip-hop, much like other rappers from Alabama.

No Cap


No Cap’s lyrical genius and emotional vulnerability have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. His ability to weave complex narratives with raw emotion makes his music a must-listen for anyone seeking depth in hip hop, staking a fair claim as one of the best Alabama rappers around.



Born Michael Wayne Atha in Gadsden, Alabama, brings a unique fusion of hip hop, rock, and country to the table, creating a genre-defying sound that resonates with a wide array of listeners. His rapid-fire flow and deeply personal lyrics have distinguished him in the hip hop community, particularly with his breakout project “Trunk Muzik.” and several mixtapes.

Flo Milli


As a leading lady in hip hop, Flo Milli’s fierce flows and empowering lyrics have made her a beacon for women in the genre. Her tracks, indicative of Alabama rappers, are not just songs; they’re anthems for independence and strength and stand tall in the rap game.

Rylo Rodriguez


With ties to other notable artists, Rylo Rodriguez stands out with his poetic storytelling and emotional depth, making waves within the popular Alabama rap and r&b scene. His music offers a window into his soul, making every track a personal journey.

OMB Peezy


Backed by E-40, OMB Peezy set the stage for the new wave of Alabama rappers. His unique blend of Southern charm and West Coast cool creates a sound that’s both familiar and fresh, resonating with fans across the board.

Big Yavo


Big Yavo’s innovative sound and versatile flows have positioned him as a rising star. His tracks offer a fresh take on hip-hop in Alabama, blending traditional elements with new-school flair, a common technique among Alabama rappers.

HoneyKomb Brazy


With a compelling comeback story, HoneyKomb Brazy’s music is a testament to resilience. His raw emotion and powerful storytelling draw listeners into his world, making him one of the rappers in Alabama who is the most intriguing artist.

TLE Cinco


TLE Cinco, one of Alabama’s rappers, delivers music that hits hard with its sharp lyrics and dynamic hip hop beats. He’s a voice for the streets as a rapper from Alabama, delivering tales of struggle and triumph with an authenticity that’s hard to ignore.

Luh Soldier


Luh Soldier’s rapid-fire flow and gritty lyrics paint a vivid picture of life’s challenges and victories. He’s quickly becoming a force in the industry, representing Alabama with pride and prowess.

Lil Bam


Lil Bam’s energetic delivery and undeniable charisma have made him a standout performer. His tracks are anthems for the youth, filled with ambition and the relentless pursuit of success. Truly earning a spot in our top ten best rappers from Alabama.

Doe B


The rapper from Montgomery leaves behind a legacy and holds as a poignant reminder of talent lost too soon. With a flow that was both commanding and charismatic, Doe B was poised to elevate Alabama rap music on the national stage. His music, marked by its authenticity and raw storytelling, continues to inspire a new generation of artists, making him an eternal figure in the state’s musical narrative.

CBM (Choppa Boyz Music)


The rap group, led by the late Doe B, represents a collective of artists who have put Alabama on the map, bound by their shared ambition and dedication to their craft. Their collective energy and collaborative spirit have played a crucial role in shaping the local hip hop community, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among Alabama’s artists.



Dada1K, a rapper from Alabama, creates a vibrant mix of street tales and personal introspection in his music. His storytelling ability and lyrical finesse position him as a compelling voice among Alabama’s emerging rap talents.

GMF Fatboy


GMF Fatboy has carved out his niche with a blend of humor and hardcore rap. His engaging personality shines through his music, making him a beloved figure among fans and a unique voice in Alabama rap.

Li Heat


With a name that suggests intensity, Li Heat delivers just that. His fiery verses and dynamic presence as an Alabama rapper heat up the state’s hip hop scene, making him an exciting artist to watch.



D-Aye has made waves with his melodic flow and relatable content in the rap scene. His ability to merge catchy rhythms with stories from his life experiences establishes him as one of the latest fan-favorite Alabama rap artists, establishing himself as key figure in Alabama’s hip hop narrative.

Eldorado Red


Eldorado Red brings a veteran presence to the Alabama hip hop scene. His music, enriched with tales of the streets and personal perseverance, resonates with many in the rap community that look for authenticity and grit in their Spotify playlists, a must have in a list of Alabama rappers.

Super Nard


Super Nard’s music is a testament to the struggles and triumphs of life in the South. His lyrical prowess and authentic storytelling make him a standout artist, offering a deep dive into the realities that shape him.

Trenchrunner Poodie


Next up, Trenchrunner Poodie brings to the table a distinctive sound that blends traditional hip hop beats with Southern storytelling, earning a place as one of the top Alabama rappers. His presence on Instagram and YouTube showcases his ability to connect with fans through relatable lyrics and catchy hooks.

Rubberband OG


Particularly known for his resilience and unapologetic authenticity, his tracks, characterized by their honesty and compelling narratives, speak to the heart of the Alabama experience, resonating with those who seek truth and depth in their music.

Rubberband OG


Known for his resilience and authentic sound, Rubberband OG has become a staple in Alabama’s music scene. His tracks, as one of the Alabama rappers, resonate with those who appreciate raw storytelling and solid hip-hop beats.

MGM Lett


MGM Lett brings a refreshing vibe to the scene with his smooth flow and captivating storytelling. His tracks are a blend of reflection and celebration, offering listeners a well-rounded musical experience.

Rich Boy


Born and raised in Mobile, Rich Boy is a rapper and singer that took the hip hop world by storm with his 2007 hit “Throw Some D’s,” a track that became synonymous with the Southern hip hop movement of the mid-2000s. His self-titled debut album showcased a knack for blending catchy, club-ready anthems with introspective tracks that delved into themes of wealth, poverty, and ambition.



As one of the pioneering groups to break out of Alabama, Dirty brought a distinctive Southern flair to the hip hop scene in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Comprised of Big Pimp and Mr. G Stacka, the duo’s raw lyrical delivery and potent beats captured the essence of the South’s gritty charm. Their hit “Hit Da Floe” remains a classic.

EBE Savage


Starting off our list is EBE Savage. While he might be at the foundation of our list of best rappers from Alabama, his gritty narratives and raw energy mark him as a notable mention in the state’s vibrant scene. His tracks on YouTube provide a glimpse into the raw, unfiltered side of life in Alabama, giving voice to the streets.

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