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Showcasing the greatest rappers of all time, the most skilled lyricists, the most influential female artists, and more. From the iconic voices of DMX and Busta Rhymes to the game-changing trap stylings of Future and Young Thug, our selection has it all.

Lil Kim Squat Pose - Clean

The Best Female Rappers of all Time

In our previous endeavor to capture the essence of hip-hop greatness in a list of the all-time best rappers, we realized a glaring oversight: the underrepresentation of the incredible female talent that has graced the genre. Crafting such…
Lauryn Hill Illustration 3

The Top 25 Best Singing Rappers of All Time

In the echelons of hip-hop, where bars and beats reign supreme, a rare breed of artists has emerged, blurring the lines, coloring outside the pre-sketched boundaries, and giving a new definition to lyrical dexterity. They ain’t just rappers.…
Method Man Live Illustration

Top 35 Rappers with the Best Flow of All Time

Flow is the magic ingredient in a great rap song – the way lines slide and lock perfectly with the beat. It’s that head-bopping, can’t-resist-it groove. Think of the legends: Biggie’s effortless style, Nas’ poetic power, the raw…
J Cole Illustration 4

The Top 25 Best Feature Rappers of All Time

Hip-hop is all about collaboration, and the game wouldn’t be the same without the contributions of great feature rappers. They’re the ones who jump on a track and add that extra flavor, helping to create memorable moments and…
Currensy Illustration 2

The Best Independent Rappers of All Time

Independent rappers ain’t just MCs, they CEOs, hustlers, straight-up visionaries. Hip hop has always been about grindin’, makin’ your own way, and independent artists take that to another level. They got the talent, the drive, and they ain’t…
Future Illustration

The Top 25 Best Mixtape Rappers of All Time

From the gritty corners of the 90s underground scene to the digital platforms of the 21st century, mixtapes have been an integral part of hip-hop’s DNA. Providing a stage for up-and-coming as well as established wordsmiths to showcase…
Kendrick Lamar Best Rapper 2022

The Most Streamed Hip Hop Artists of All Time

Hip hop started small, but now it runs the world – clothes, movies, everything. We’ve seen so many dope MCs change the game, pushin’ boundaries with their lyrics, beats, and style. Some cats stay legendary for decades. Think…
It's Time For Hip Hop In NYC: Staten Island

The Best Rap Storytellers of All Time

Hip hop ain’t nothin’ without stories. The greatest MCs ain’t just spittin’ dope rhymes, they’re paintin’ pictures with words, takin’ you on a whole journey. We talkin’ legends like Kool G Rap, whose raw tales put you right…
2pac Was Named After Tupac Amaru Ii

The Most Influential Rappers of All Time

Hip hop was born in the Bronx in the ’70s, with DJs and MCs droppin’ the first beats and rhymes that changed the world. Over the years, the sound’s transformed, pullin’ in funk, soul, even rock, and a…
Beastie Boys Illustration 1

The Best Rap Groups Of All Time

Hip hop is a movement, and rap groups are its heartbeat. Way back in the ’70s, cats like Run-D.M.C. and Public Enemy flipped the script, rippin’ mics with revolutionary style. Then the ’90s hit: Tribe Called Quest brought…
Run the Jewels illustration

The 25 Best Rap Duos Of All Time

In recent years, there’s been a ongoing trend for big-name hip hop artists putting out a one-off collaborative album. Think Jay-Z and Kanye, Drake and Future, Offset and 21 Savage, Lil Baby and Gunna, Future and Juice Wrld,…