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The 15 Greatest Pusha T Guest Verses of All Time

It’s kinda crazy looking back in 2010, when the Clipse announced that they were going on hiatus and Pusha had signed to GOOD Music. There was a lot of talk going around about whether the younger Clipse brother could stand on his own as a solo act.

It’s been over a decade now and it’s pretty safe to say that Pusha T, not only made it as a solo artist, but ended up as one of the best rappers of the 2010s. With a pristine catalogue of classic albums and mixtapes, Pusha proved that he could take the Clipse blueprint of pristine coke talk and put it over production by the likes Kanye, Timbaland, Metro Boomin, and keep it dope as fuck.

Not to mention all the incredible guest verses he’s dropped over the years. From “Move That Dope” and “No Dope On Sundays” to “So Appalled” and “Palmolive,” here are the 15 greatest Pusha T guest verses of all time.

15. Future ft. Pharrell, Pusha T & Casino – “Move That Dope”

Album: Honest

Released: February 6, 2014

Producer: Mike Will Made It, P-Nasty

Young enough to still sell dope
But old enough that I knows better
When they sayin' it's 42 for that white powder, I knows better
Get it, nigga? I nose better, put a smile on the devil's face
Who don't wanna sell dope forever
And flood their Rollie till the bezel break?
Woo! Fish scale in the two-door that I fish-tails
Fiberglass, Ferrari leather, in designer shit that I misspell
YUGHH! Look at the clues
The J's, the jewels, I'm actin' a monkey
From 16 years old, I'm whippin' in kitchens, fuckin' my junkies
Pablo, Versace way before Migos
My dinner plates, no silverware, all you niggas my hijos
Toss a kilo like a free throw, crack house, it had the peephole
Made it through to the other side
Now nothing's big as my ego, Push

14. King Louie ft. Pusha T & Juicy J – “My Hoes They Do Drugs”

Album: Drilluminati

Released: December 8, 2012

Producer: DJ Pain 1

Who am I, Pusha T I'm from the Vi
R-G add another I, N-I-A, and they hate
When they see me ridin' by
Skinny tires, angel wings on that hood
Like they should, havin' on Leatherwood
With King Louie from the Chi, is it true?
Got them bitches on that juice
Poppin' mollies and they loose
I put that on my Jesus (WOO!)
Black gold and it's flooded
G.O.O.D. Music King Tutted
My jeweler told yo jeweler that them niggas don't cut it!
Them niggas be hating, them hoes they be waiting
We turnt up like bright light, shit, every night is like Vegas
Eyes low, leaning back, sippin' on that Desiac
Introduce you to the lifestyle, it's long paper where we be at
(My hoes they do drugs) my black girl like to smoke weed
(My hoes they do drugs) my white girl like to go ski
(My hoes they do drugs) my Spanish girl wanna to roll E
(My hoes they do drugs) we mixed it up till we OD

13. Kids See Ghosts – “Feel the Love”

Album: Kids See Ghosts

Released: June 8, 2018

Producer: Kanye West, Benny Blanco, Mike Dean, Plain Pat, Evan Mast, Justin Vernon, Francis and the Lights, Cashmere Cat, Noah Goldstein

We not worried 'bout no other niggas, we them other niggas
You bust down a Rollie, I bust down a brick, then I flood it, nigga
I am not to be compared to you rappers, Eazy-Duz-It, nigga
I am more Eazy, you tryin’ your best to become me, nigga
She like them bottles with bubbles in it
Buy her Loewe and other linen
Why would I wait when there's other women?
Why would I hate? We in love with winnin' (Ooh!)
Buy her bundles, fly her out, bring her friend, I try her out
Ain’t no worries findin' out, the details is ironed out
Easily they plays along, hopin' that I play a song
Love to fuck to trap music (Feel the love)
Dope money just came along (Woo)

12. Jadakiss ft. Pusha T – “Huntin Season”

Album: Ignatius

Released: March 6, 2020

Producer: S. Dot, Buda and Grandz, Khardier Da God, Shroom

The greatest rapper with the least sold, no repos
Taxman ain't at my peephole, here's a kilo
To the Victor goes the spoils like I'm Oladipo
All the record label cheat codes, none for me though
Shout to Ebro, and fine rhyme lovers who don't buy it
Petition but don't riot, the critics be so quiet
To question my content is nonsense
It undermines all I've accomplished
They say all's fair in love and war
You say I moved the line just to score, head shot to keep Adidas pure
One man army like Ason
Threw more powder in the air than LeBron
I'm sellin' Avon, that means the foundation is caked on
You know what this commission is based on, believe me
King Push, this is huntin' season
Billion streams vs. a billion fiends, now we even (Yuugh!)

11. No Malice ft. Pusha T – “Shame The Devil”

Album: Hear Ye Him

Released: August 18, 2013

Producer: S1, Greg Fears Jr.

Hell or high water, we gon' keep rollin'
Looking in my watch it's like hell freezed over
Hell, money couldn't hold my composure
Bull in a china shop, that's how I'm bulldozin'
Gene found God, they thinking we at odds
Must ain't know my father, he ain't never spared a rod
Yuugh! It's two sides to a card
Just opposite ends of two peas in a pod

10. Birdman ft. Clipse – “What Happened to That Boy”

Album: Birdman

Released: November 26, 2002

Producer: The Neptunes

Ugh! Another soul lost
Had to make his shirt match my oxblood-colored Porsche
Ugh! The rims match, of course
Blood hit his Timbs, it reminded me of them
Glistening, wrist on chiller
Gun in the same palm, a gorgeous killer
I put this on my Lord:
My niece was four when she felt chinchilla
I passed the chauffeur that shit
That made fiends rise from the dead like "Thriller"
Gangster, hustler
At night, still found time to kiss my mother
Live like I'm dreaming, kick my feet up
Gun poked my waist, remind me of my demon, so
Quit your yappin' before I get to clappin'
And have your body parts mix-and-matchin', fella

9. Alley Boy ft. Pusha T – “Your Favorite Rapper”

Album: The Gift Of Discernment

Released: September 18, 2012

Producer: Ricky Racks

Your favorite rapper’s a damn lie
You can double check this record that I stand by
How real is he if he been paying for his blood ties?
He blood in, he blood out at a blood drive
Red cross, blue shield, blue steel nigga
Gunfight if you ain't' dead be still nigga
And who is you to ever question who’s a real nigga
You never been, you never was, you never will nigga
Ha,Bought mama's Jag in '01
The only hits I had then was a nose run
Dropped "Grindin'", let you hear just how the dope's slung
Then Shot the video where I was buying my dope from
If that ain't' autobiographical the indictment mentions clothes lines and rappers too
Tell me what the fuck I got to prove
To a mother fucker with nothing to lose?
Never, Never been shit ever

8. RZA ft. Pusha T, Raekwon, Joell Ortiz & Danny Brown – “Tick, Tock”

Album: The Man with the Iron Fists

Released: October 22, 2012

Producer: Frank Dukes, S1

The devil is a lie
You ain't broke bread 'till you taste the devil's pie
They say his laugh sounds like an angel when he cries
What better camouflage when the halo's your disguise
Them wings don't fly; your traitor is your neighbor
At your front porch, and he's handing you your paper
Bathrobe on, but the sword's underneath
And he wanna see your blood as it pours in the street
It's the mark of the beast
The meek shall inherit the Earth; the weak shall inherit the dirt
You each should have perished at birth, stillborn or aborted
Every street tax gotta come with an audit
Either your life, or your loved ones, straight razor or a snub-gun
From the village where the thugs from
Same corner that you copping all your drugs from
He a hero, but he unsung, I'm the one

7. Black Thought ft. Pusha T, Swizz Beatz & Killer Mike – “Good Morning”

Album: Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane & Able

Released: October 16, 2020

Producer: Sean C & LV, Sal Dali

I got four million in homes, three hours apart
Drug dealer tastes, I think I glow in the dark
I only do features to keep hittin' my mark
And show you motherfuckers you ain't good as you thought (I am), let's go
Panamera shopping in the pandemic
The work got grill lines when the pan's searing
Give you the whole clip to let your mans hear it (Oh)
Them pallbearer next to them so they can all fear it (Oh)
Ulterior motives with the modus
Bulletproof package like I'm POTUS
I'm just cashing in on what they owe us
They say the coming winter is the coldest
Celine fur hangin' off the shoulder (Woo)
What's worse, the gift or the curse? (Hey)
The only way to celebrate a death is with a birth
That Maybach sink can be converted to a hearse
I mean every word while you think it's just a verse (Oh)
I'm gone

6. Rick Ross ft. John Legend, Lil Wayne & Pusha T – “Maybach Music VI (Extended)”

Album: N/A

Released: Aug 9, 2019

Producer: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League

What a hell of a year, true colors exposed
Crowns on these clowns, it's like you colored they nose
We talkin' skill set or popularity polls?
When you speak truth to power, your popularity grows
Peers switch gears out of relevance of fear
When their name's not as hot as who they wanna stand near
All you niggas weird, how can you compare
When you say you been rich but we need that shit like veneers?
For every hundred thousand dollar chain I see
On a thousandaire's neck that I dare not be
Young nigga, old nigga, you all the same to me
Just one slick tweet from trending dangerously
Rare form, airborne since Clairborne
Been fly like a runway was cleared for him
White wedding, Vogue had the exclusive
Any blemish on my past was prostitution
Sit back and let them draw their own conclusions
A picture's worth a thousand words, Mr. Houston
You wonder why cocaine's up in every song?
When music fell cocaine righted every wrong
White Ferrari Bo Derek
But the inside's black, you're standin' bow-legged
Go home and go get it
Your Miami rental cars are sleeping in my garage, motherfuckers

5. Kanye West ft. Pusha T -“Runaway”

Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Released: October 4, 2010

Producer: Kanye West

Twenty-four seven, three sixty-five, pussy stays on my mind
I-I-I-I did it, alright, alright, I admit it
Now pick your next move, you could leave or live with it
Ichabod Crane with that motherfuckin' top off
Split and go where? Back to wearing knockoffs?
Haha, knock it off, Neimans, shop it off
Let's talk over mai tais, waitress, top it off
Hoes like vultures, wanna fly in your Freddy loafers
You can't blame 'em, they ain't never seen Versace sofas
Every bag, every blouse, every bracelet
Comes with a price tag, baby, face it
You should leave if you can't accept the basics
Plenty hoes in the baller-nigga matrix
Invisibly set, the Rolex is faceless
I'm just young, rich, and tasteless, P

4. Cyhi the Prynce – “No Dope On Sundays”

Album: No Dope on Sundays

Released: November 17, 2017

Producer: Mark Byrd, Lex Luger, Novel, Shawty Redd, HighDefRazjah, Young Love

Started out trappin', tryna get the new Bo's
Then I realized what it did for them hoes
When I recognized what you did to your nose
I couldn't justify what I did to my bro
Fed an addiction, I just let it snow
Failed my religion, I couldn't let it go
Fell in addiction, I just chased the glow
See you don't need the drums when you just talking what you know
See what I seen, nigga snitching on the low
Niggas coming home, niggas out here acting like you owe
The truth is you love 'em but they putting on a show
You gotta cash 'em out and validate to everyone they know
Time's changing, it's hard for some to grow
And the conversations are no longer "Man, we 'bout to blow"
I wanna see you back up on your feet and that's fa'sho'
The whole city know I've done enough so there's no mo'

3. Benny the Butcher ft. Pusha T – “18 Wheeler”

Album: The Plugs I Met

Released: June 14, 2019

Producer: DJ Shay

I'm nothin' like you new gangsters, pointin' guns at the camera (Never)
I bet you niggas practice in the mirror, brick of money to your earlobe
Six pics, same brick, somethin' weird though
They say a hero's nothin' but a sandwich
The 488 comin' through like the prayin' mantis
My bitches got standards
It's fair in love and war, it's okay to fuck a scammer
As long as he empty the bag like black Santa
Steak dinners at Dan Tana's, pick a Tamara
The purple in my rainbow is amethyst
Only I can coke rap this glamorous
The only drug dealer out at Fashion Week
With an 80/20 split like Master P
Why would I ever 50/50? You ain't half of me
Benny the Butcher comin' after me, Push

2. Kanye West ft. Jay-Z, Pusha T, Cyhi the Prynce, Swizz Beatz & RZA – “So Appalled”

Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Released: September 24, 2010

Producer: Kanye West, No I.D., Mike Dean

Success is what you make it, take it how it come
A half a mil' in twenties like a billion where I'm from
An arrogant drug dealer, the legend I become
CNN said I'd be dead by twenty-one
Blackjack, I just pulled an ace
As you looking at the king in his face
Everything I dream, motherfuckers, I'm watchin' it take shape
While to you I'm just a young rich nigga that lacks faith
Range Rove', leather roof, love war, fuck a truce
Still move a bird like I'm in bed with Mother Goose
Them hoes coming in a baker's dozen
Claiming they was with me when they know they really wasn't
I keep the city's best, never said she was the brightest
So if you had her too, it don't affect me in the slightest
I never met a bitch that didn't need a little guidance
So I dismiss her past until she disappoints your highness
I speak the gospel, hostile
Tony doing time for what he did to nostrils
Paranoid mind, I'm still under the watchful
Eye of the law, aspire for more
Them kilos came, we gave you Bobby Brown jaw
Flaws ain't flaws when it's you that makes the call
Flow similar to the legends of the falls
Spillin', I own you all, yuugh

1. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib ft. Pusha T & Killer Mike – “Palmolive”

Album: Bandana

Released: June 28, 2019

Producer: Madlib

Look, real bars are the ill bars
These scars are the only real proof they couldn't kill gods
My coke hand is still sketchin' out my memoirs
What I did to door panels on them Windstars
Gem stars, left cuts in the dinner plates
It's new stash spots, the AC don't just ventilate
Take over your blocks, young niggas assimilate
We all break bread like going Dutch on a dinner date
The love of your life rap nigga wear fake watches
The serial number don't match the gift boxes
The bezel on her ballon bleu do the Tinashe
The bitch told me two-tone Rollies was too blasé (Yugh)
Way more chemical than political
PTSD from what I weighed on the digital
It was snowfall and Reagan gave me the visual
Obama opened his doors knowing I was a criminal
I took a risk, I took a brick
Took a road trip to a Motel 6
Get it wholesale and you know I won't tell shit
Ride coattails, then he really want that lit
Just another in the mix, nigga, I'm rich, nigga
Tell me, is you Alpo or Mitch, nigga?
Bet it all, roulette, all on my wrist, nigga
Like Cleo setting it off, taking your bitch, nigga, ooh
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