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Outlawz Songs: Top 5 of the Best Tracks

It’s impossible to avoid marinating in the raw energy, marked by cut-throat lyricism and unmatched beat craftsmanship. Emerging under the wing of Tupac, the group encapsulates a particular strain of hip-hop, one marked by words that claw into socio-political fabric, defiant anthems that speak of struggle, survival, and redemption.

Songs like “I’m A G” from their “We Want In: The Street LP” echo their streets-rooted narrative, while “Recognize a Playa” from the “Novakane” album is an all-out braggadocio track that manifests their unabashed confidence. Their artistry, painted against the urban canvas of their experiences, led to projects like “Ride Wit Us or Collide Wit Us” and “Against All Oddz”, with gut-punch tracks like “Ride It Out” and “At Close Range”. Each hit, like rhythmic gunfire, reverberates with the hunger of authenticity, making them undeniable forces in the game.

A testament to their relevance is their cross-generational association with legendary artists like 2Pac, reflected in tracks like the “World Wide Remix”. Outlawz bravely tread the line between unfiltered verbal execution and deeply introspective narratives, as seen in soul-bearing cuts like “In The Event Of My Demise”.

So let’s get into it. From the defiant swagger of “I’m A G” to the cold-hard truth in “Real Talk”, here are the Top 25 Outlawz Songs Ranked from Worst to Best.

5. What’s Ya Fantasy

What’s Ya Fantasy,” huh? This joint right here is where Outlawz showcased their penchant for delivering profound messages wrapped in their raw, uncensored style. It flexes hella storytelling prowess, bringing you into their universe where dreams, aspirations, and hard realities collide. The Outlawz exhibit their lyrical versatility, seamlessly merging darker themes with the fantasy element, all while keeping the vibe undeniably hip-hop. This ain’t your run-of-the-mill joyride through a diss track or a braggadocio ballad. It’s a display of their evolved artistic persona, a testament to their growth and their ability to keep their finger on the pulse of the game. It’s no wonder it ranks among the top Outlawz joints, homie.

4. In The Event Of My Demise

“In The Event Of My Demise” captures the Outlawz at their rawest and most introspective. Infused with a sombre mood, it foreshadows the tragic inevitability that’s become synonymous with the rap group. The storytelling prowess shines through, with each member pouring their inner-most fears and predictions of their own mortality on wax. It’s a hauntingly vivid picture that peels back the glamour usually associated with the gangsta lifestyle, laying bare the grim reality underneath. The production, with its mournful violins and sparse beats, only intensifies the existential dread, making it an unforgettable part of their discography. Brooding and brutally honest, “In The Event Of My Demise” is a lasting testament to the Outlawz’ unique vision.

3. Ride It Out

Clocking in at 24 on our list we got “Ride It Out” by the Outlaw Immortalz, a testament to their enduring appeal in the hip-hop scene. This tune represents the raw emotion and authentic street narratives that have become synonymous with the crew’s name. Confronting life’s trials, the Outlawz spit lethal bars on this track, reminding us that they were students of the Pac school of thought—realness first, always. However, compared to their other definitive tracks, “Ride It Out” rarely sees the light of day. Perhaps it was the timing of the release or maybe it just couldn’t find its footing among the catalog of hits. Nevertheless, “Ride It Out” holds its own and serves as a reminder of Outlawz’s grit and resilience.

2. World Wide Remix – Feat. 2Pac & T-Low

Now sit back as we turn the dial up to “World Wide Remix – Feat. 2Pac & T-Low”. This track is hip-hop royalty, landing the third spot on our Outlawz list. On the mic, 2Pac’s presence is felt as fervently as ever. The late icon spits fire, reminding us why he’s one of the genre’s greatest. Meanwhile, T-Low brings the silky R&B touch, painting a sonic picture as vivid as graffiti on a Bronx wall. The Outlawz, true to their ethos, keep it one hundo, delivering raw and uncut verses that exemplify their unapologetically gritty style. Sure, it may not have the commercial appeal of mainstream hip-hop, but it’s a masterclass in the principles of the game: raw lyricism, word play, and authenticity. And that’s real talk.

1. Real Talk

Ranking as the illest cut on our list is the raw and unadulterated “Real Talk.” Now this joint right here? This is quintessential Outlawz, embodying their brazen lyrical prowess, gritty realism, and unapologetic delivery. “Real Talk” is where the crew shines, not only unpacking the challenges and struggles of the streets but also flipping a lens on larger sociopolitical issues. With its head-nodding beat and hard-hitting verses, this track had all heads turned towards Outlawz, evoking a profound sense of admiration for their artistry in both casual listeners and hardcore hip-hop heads. Manifesting the crew’s audacity to confront reality with a realness that cuts deep, “Real Talk” secures its top spot on our list and in the annals of hip-hop history.

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