Best Biggie Guest Verses Of All Time
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Ranking the 10 Best Biggie Guest Verses of All Time

“I love it when you call me Big Poppa / The show stoppa, the rhyme droppa.” The late, great Notorious B.I.G. was only around for a few years and yet the impact he left was so enormous, we’re still feeling it to this day.

In the years between his debut record “Party and Bullshit” dropped in 1993 and the last song released before his death “Hypnotize,” which was also his first number one song, Biggie changed the game and elevated lyricism to a new artform with his pinpoint delivery, liquid flow and commanding mic presence.

Aside from dropping two of the greatest rap albums of all time with Ready to Die and Life After Death, Big also spent a lot of his time blessing other rappers with unforgettable guest verses. In fact, you could make an argument for his spot on the greatest rappers of all time list based on his features between ’93 and ’97 alone.

From his scene-stealing performance on Craig Mack’s “Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)” to his dual with Jay-Z on “Brooklyn’s Finest,” here are the 10 greatest Notorious B.I.G. guest verses of all time.

10. Heavy D & the Boyz – “A Buncha Niggas”

Album: Blue Funk

Released: December 12, 1992

Producer: 3rd Eye, Heavy D

I bring drama like you spit on my momma (Woo)
Cannibalisti like that nigga Jeffrey Dahmer (Uh)
I'm a cap peeler, girl stealer (Hey)
Coffin sealer, ex-drug dealer, huh?
When I hit you with the blow of death, I leave nothing left
I cook you up so quick, they call me Biggie Smalls the Chef
My burner's to my left, I'm not the type to fight
I'm blowing up quick like a stick of dynamite (Boom)
So call 911, Biggie's got a gun (Woo)
The gat to your back, I'm smoking everyone (Hey, ho)
Quick to pack clips and squeeze on the trigger
Who's in the house, huh? A bunch of niggas

9. Mary J. Blige – “What’s the 411? (Remix)”

Album: What’s the 411? Remix

Released: December 7, 1993

Producer: Tumblin’ Dice

As I sit back relax
Steam a blunt, sip a Becks
Think about the sexy singers that I wanna sex
I'd probably go to jail
For fucking Patti LaBelle
Ooh Regina Belle, she'd probably do me swell
Jasmine Guy was fly
Mariah Carey's kinda scary
Wait a minute, what about my honey Mary?
Them jeans, they fittin' like a glove
I had a crush on you since "Real Love"
Hold your horses
I'm a show ya who the boss of intercourse is
Sex, I'm taking no losses
Even groups like SWV and TLC
Can't see B.I.G. with telepathy
The recipe, a picture hardcore with a gun
Pimpin' ain't easy but it's always fun
When it comes to nuts, I bust 'em one by one
So what's the 4-1-1, hun?

8. Ron G – “Stop the Breaks”

Album: N/A

Released: 1994

Producer: DJ Ron G

I'm hard, Jehovah said I'm barred from the Pearly Gates
Fuck him, I didn't wanna go to heaven anyway
But my mama got me on my knees with my hands gripped
Talking 'bout some "Praise the Lord" shit
"Hail Mary"? Fuck her, I never knew her
I'd probably screw her, and dump her body in the sewer
"Our Father"? My pops stuck up dope spots
Big, black and mean with the fifth by the gabardines
What you expected from his next of kin, huh?
I'm loco, bro, but ain't no Mexican
I got nines in the bedroom, Glocks in the kitchen
A shotty by the shower if ya wanna shoot me while I'm shitting
The lesson from the Smith & Wesson is depressing
Niggas keep stressing, the same motherfucking question:
How many shots does it take to make my heart stop
And my body start to shake? Ron G, stop the breaks

7. Super Cat – “Dolly My Baby (Extended Bad Boy Remix)”

Album: Don Dada

Released: January 1, 1993

Producer: 3rd Eye, Puff Daddy

I love it when you call me Big Poppa
The show stoppa, the rhyme droppa
Super Cat pass the Glock, uh, I see you shivering
Check the flavor Biggie Smalls is delivering
Lyrical lyricist flowing lyrics out my larynx
Chubby competitor, quick to kick a chump in the chest
Yes, it's Bad Boy, (Right) hard to the core
LAWWD! Me can't take it no more

6. Total – “Can’t You See”

Album: New Jersey Drive, Vol. 1

Released: March 27, 1995

Producer: Rashad Smith of The Hitmen, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, Herb Middleton, and Chucky Thompson

Give me all the chicken heads from Pasadena to Medina (Uh)
Bet Big get in between you (Haha), then see you (Yeah, that's right)
Peep the prognosis, doses, blends and bends like Twizzlers
Big is fitting to hurt what's under that skirt (Slow down, son, you're killin' 'em)
Who filling 'em with octane?
Got 'em gassed up, 'bout to get blast up, some (Uh)
The last one, word to mother, brother, miss ’em
I seen it when he kissed him at the wake, made his body shake (Woo)
The high guy in 850i, smoke tint
Rap terror, four chrome Antera's (I like that)
Two-fives by the livers, the fifth's is inconspicuous
Bad Boy slipped in '95? Ridiculous (Hahaha, that's right)
My rap lines is like land mines (Uh)
One step, ka-boom (Boom) Black suits fill the room
To whom it may concern, Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s the clique (Shoutout Junior M.A.F.I.A.)
Act up, I'll have my honeys Total bust your shit (That's right)

5. Puff Daddy – “It’s All About the Benjamins (Remix)”

Album: No Way Out

Released: July 1, 1996

Producer: Stevie J, Diddy & Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie

I been had skills, Cristal spills
Hide bills in Brazil, about a mill', the ice grill (That's right)
Make it hard to figure me, liquor be kickin' me
In my asshole (Uh), undercover, Donnie Brasco
Left my East Coast girl the Bentley to twirl (Uh-huh)
My West Coast shorty push the chrome .740
Rockin' Redman and Naughty, oh, where my kitty cat?
Half a brick of yay in the bra, where her titties at?
And I'm livin' that whole life, we push weight (Uh-huh)
Fuck the state pen, fuck hoes in Penn State (C'mon)
Listen close, it's Francis, the Praying Mantis
Attack with the MAC, my left hand spit
Right hand grip on the whip for the smooth getaway
Playa haters, get away or my lead will spray (Get away)
Squeeze off 'til I'm empty, don't tempt me
Only to hell I send thee, all about the Benjis, what?

4. Jay-Z – “Brooklyn’s Finest”

Album: Reasonable Doubt

Released: June 25, 1996

Producer: Clark Kent

Hit you, back-split you (Uh)
Fuck fist fights and lame scuffles (Uh)
Pillow case to your face, make the shell muffle (Woo)
Shoot your daughter in the calf muscle (Mmm-hmm)
Fuck a tussle, nickel-plated
Sprinkle coke on the floor, make it drug-related (Haha)
Most hated

3. Puff Daddy – “Young Gs”

Album: No Way Out

Released: July 22, 1997

Producer: Rashad Smith

Damn, it feel good to see people up on it (Ugh)
Flipped two keys in two weeks and didn't flaunt it (Uh-huh)
My brain is haunted, with mean dreams
GS's with BB's on it, supreme schemes
To get richer than Richie quickly, niggas wanna hit me
If they get me, dress my body in linen by Armani, check it
My lyrical carjack, make your brains splat
High-caliber gats is all I fuck with, now peep the rough shit
In my circumference, mad bitches with mad Lucci
Bulletproof vestses under they Coogis
Spittin' my Uzi, don't lose me, my trigger niggas represent
Driving dirty in J-30's gettin' bent (Uh-huh)
And to my hit hoes, my murder mamis
I be smokin' trees in Belize when they find me
While you still killin' niggas with punani, like heiny
And Cyrus up in Cypress
Fuck you raw, you on the floor with the virus
While I just slang coke, smoke pounds of choke (Uh-huh)
Got lawyers watching lawyers so I won't go broke, now check it
Them country niggas call me Frank White
I'm squirtin' off up in my loft, of course, I know my shit's tight
Sunrise, open my eyes, no surprise
Got my shorty flyin' in with keys taped to her thighs
With all the utensils, who hang my china thing
She half-Black, half-oriental, eighty-six, she got me rental
The situation ain't accidental
What? From a, from a young G's perspective, ugh...
What? From a, from a young G's perspective, ugh...

2. Craig Mack – “Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)”

Album: N/A

Released: July 26, 1994

Producer: Easy Mo Bee

Ugh! Ugh!
Niggas is mad I get more butt than ashtrays (Yeah)
Fuck a fair one, I get mine the fast way
Ski mask way, nigga, ransom notes (Ugh)
Far from handsome, but damn, a nigga tote (What you tote?)
More guns than roses, foes is shaking in their boots
Invisible bully, like The Gooch
Disappear, vamoose, you're wack to me (Ugh)
Take them rhymes back to the factory
I see, the gimmicks, the wack lyrics
The shit is depressing, pathetic, please forget it (Ugh)
You're mad 'cause my style you're admiring
Don't be mad, UPS is hiring (Woo!)
You should've been a cop, fuck hip-hop
With that freestyle, you're bound to get shot (Ugh)
Not from Houston but I Rap-A-Lot (Uh-huh)
Pack the gat a lot (Uh-huh), the flav's 'bout to drop, ugh

1. Puff Daddy – “Victory”

Album: No Way Out

Released: July 22, 1997

Producer: Stevie J, Puff Daddy

In the commission, you ask for permission to hit 'em
He don't like me, hit him while wifey was with him
You heard of us, the murderous, most shady
Been on the low lately, the feds hate me
The son of Satan, they say my killing's too blatant
You hesitatin', I'm in your mama crib waitin'
Duct tapin', your fam' destiny
Lays in my hands, gat lays in my waist
Francis, M to the Izz-H phenomenal
Gun rest under your vest by the abdominal
Rhyme a few bars so I could buy a few cars (A few cars)
And I kick a few flows so I could pimp a few hoes (A few hoes)
Excellence is my presence, never tense
Never hesitant, leave a nigga bent real quick
Real sick, brawl nights, I perform like Mike
Anyone, Tyson, Jordan, Jackson
Action, pack guns, ridiculous
And I'm quick to bust if my ends you touch
Kids or girl you touch, in this world I clutch
Two auto-matoes, used to call me fatso
Now you call me Castro, my rap flows (Castro)
Militant, y'all faggots ain't killing shit
Oops, Cristal keep spilling shit, you overdid it Holmes
You in the danger zone, you shouldn't be alone
Hold hands and say it like me
The most shady, Frankie baby, fantastic
Graphic, tryin' to make dough, like Jurassic
Park did, quick to spark kids who start shit
See me, only me, the underboss
Of this holocaust, truly yours, Frank White
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